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Zepo-AVN Logistics Tie-Up

Update: Click here to see the detailed rates of Zepo’s AVN Logistics Tie Up.

Logistics is a very integral part of an e-commerce business. And we don’t want to screw up your customer deliveries. Like they say,

“One happy customer tells 2-3. One unhappy customer tells 10.”

In our endeavor to help you with a complete e-commerce solution, we have tied-up with AVN to extend a culmination of different domestic courier providers, rolled into one, at special rates.

Why AVN logistics services?

  1. Tie-up with 2 Major Courier Service providers – FedEx + Gati
  2. Lower rates without any minimum commitments
  3. Wider pincode coverage (delivery as well as pick-up)
  1. By 12th February, 2014, we would do a full-fledged automated integration of this service – with your Zepo dashboard. With this integration, you would be able to schedule a shipment with just one click

Special Rates for Zepo Store Owners

Zone of Delivery Charges Applicable
(per KG)
Additional COD Collection Charges
Zone 1 Rs. 47/ KG Rs. 60 + 12.36% ST
(Rs. 68 approx.)
Zone 2 Rs. 67/ KG
Zone 3 Rs. 73/ KG
Zone 4 Rs. 80/ KG
Zone 5 Rs. 134/ KG
  • The above charges will remain the same for every subsequent KGS.
  • All charges are inclusive of Fuel Surcharge & Service Tax.
    Fuel Surcharge = 45%
    Service Tax = 12.36%
  • Fuel Surcharge keeps changing every month, and you’ll be informed of the same.
  • Billing cycle fortnightly to be paid within 5 days of the date of invoice
  • Maximum Liability: Rs 5000 or value of the invoice which ever is less per consignment
Sunday and Public Holiday Pick-up or Delivery Charges Rs. 100
Cash on Delivery (CoD) charge (maximum Rs. 25000) Rs. 60.00 + 12.36% ST = Rs. 68 approx.
Octroi Surcharge 5% of the octroi value
Reverse Pick-up Surcharge Rs. 50 per shipment
Return to origin charge Equivalent to Forward charges as above + COD charge, if any.
Volumetric Weight Air LxBxH (in cm)/ 5000
Volumetric Weight Surface LxBxH (in cm)/ 4750
Risk Insurance Charge 0.5% of the invoice value
COF (Certificate of fact for Insurance, if required) 0.25% of the Invoice Value

Compare Zepo Logistics Rates with the Competitors

At Zepo, we strive hard to get the best for all our store owners.
In continuation to that, we have negotiated the best possible rates with our partners
Here is a comparison of what you would get when you are with Zepo

Zepo and KartRocket Rates Compared

Carriage Insurance Coverage

  1. If you avail shipment insurance from AVN, then in case of damage or theft,
    A. AVN insures and repays the full value of the product, if the invoice value of the product is less than Rs. 5000.
    B. If the invoice value of the product is from Rs. 5001 to Rs. 50000, 0.50% of the invoice value shall be charged, if the customer requests.
  2. If you avail shipment insurance from a third party service provider:
    A. In case of damage or theft, the Certificate of Fact (or COF) will need to be produced at the time of product shipment.
    B. And 0.25% is charged on the Invoice Value.
  3. The claim settlement process time ranges from 4-15 days.

Zone & Pin-Code Coverage Details

For the complete pin-code coverage area, for both COD and Non-COD deliverability, please find the excel sheet for the list of pincodes at the following the link.

AVN Domestic Parcel Coverage In India

Pick-up Facility

  1. Pick-up service will be provided for FREE on all days, except Sunday.
  2. On Saturdays, pick-up is provided for some regions only before cut-off time.
  3. All pin-codes mentioned in the excel sheet, have a pickup facility available.

Account & Billing

  1. AVN A/C will be in the name of Zepo & you would be given separate credentials and dashboard to access your AVN account.
  2. Payments of bills & reimbursement shall be as follows:
    A. For the consignments delivered between 1st and 15th of a month, bills will be settled in next 30 days i.e. before 15th of next month.
    B. For the consignment delivered between 15th and 31st of a month, bills will be settled in next 30 days i.e. before 30th of next month.

Understanding Delivery Regional Zones

  1. Zone 1 = Intra-City: Pick-up & delivery within your own city.
  2. Zone 2 = Intra-Region: Pick-up & delivery within your own region (north / east / west / south / north-east).
  3. Zone 3 = Other Metros: Pickup from your city to any metro (other than yours, in case).
  4. Zone 4 = Inter-Region: Pick-up from one region & delivery in another region (north / east / west / south / north-east).
  5. Zone 5 = North-East: Pick-up from any 4 other regions (north / east / west / south) & delivery in north-east.

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I’d Like to sell online and get the Lowest Shipping Rates

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    good site

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    Which is the courior all over rates with pick and drop the cover

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      We didn’t quite catch your question. Can you help us understand it again. Or you can even call us on +91 922 358 3358.

  • Arghadeep Ghosh

    Hello, we are launching an e-commerce site in couple of months which is being built on Magento. We are not using the Zepo Platform. Can we use only the logistics services provided by you ? Or for that we have to directly contact AVN ? Please tell the procedure to be followed.

    • Zepo

      Hi Arghadeep,

      We are forwarding your query to our business development team. They’ll get in touch with you on the email id –, and help you along with the same.

  • Zepo

    Hi there,

    Yes, our ZePOST automated shipping feature is very much live! Go sign up for a free trial and check it out. We’d like to get some feedback, if you may.

  • ms

    Hi, Is you AVN integration wit dashboard feature live?

  • Rahul Aggarwal


    I have an ecommerce website developed in prestashop.

    I am looking for courier services to deliver my product across India using netbanking, credit/debit card & COD.

    I am operating from Pune.

    Will look forward to your reply reg. the pricing and features.

    Thanks in advance


  • Zepo

    Hi Sowmic,

    Can you please help us with the pin-code of Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu. We’ll then be able to tell if COD service is available in your area.

  • Sowmic

    Hi Zepo,

    Im looking to find a courier partner for my startup ecommerce website that offers COD service.Since we are located in a small town,(udumalpet,Tamil Nadu),im finding it difficult…Do you offer COD service from our town? please email to Really appreciate your help!

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    It is nice post.Thank you.

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      Thanks for the appreciation Dialus!

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    hi we would like to use your logistics support for the online store we are launching, pl ask your team to get in touch with me at

  • Zepo

    Hi Jeevan,

    Sad to hear that you’ve such a bad experience with Gati.

    We’ve tied with FedEx as well as Gati both, indeed. And we’re going to continue to add more logistics partner in the future, too. It is not per se preminum as it is convenient for our store owners. The combined arsenal of FedEx and Gati helps our store owners battle such issues of service, serviceable area and rates.

    We genuinely hope you are able to resolve your issues with Gati soon. If you need help choosing your next logistics partner, may we offer some help to you:

  • Jeevan Kumar

    I really wonder you have tie up with Gati and call it premium, I dont comment on Fedex, they are good. With Gati, it is the worst service I ever experienced. When I emailed head of sales and Service that due the level of service I prefer to Terminate contract, they still dont respond.

    They have dockets in their warehouse for 4-5 days and after regerous followup for Docket Numbers, they say sorry its still lying in the warehouse. This is the level of service Gati offers.

    Really pathetic.

    Note: I am not Zepo customer, I just explained what Gati offered me.

  • DK Surana

    Hi i am going to start a zepo store from Chennai Is AVN service is Available in Chennai plz let me know my ph no is – 9710304991

    • Zepo

      Hi DK,

      Yes, AVN is available in Chennai. We’ll also get one of our team mates to give you a call and help you along.

  • Zepo

    Sure JP. You shall get a call about the same.

  • J P Sharma

    Hi i am going to start a zepo store from Agra Is AVN service is Available in Agra plz let me know my ph no is – 9927067443 & email id is

    • Zepo

      Hi JP,

      AVN logistics support is available in Agra. If you need anymore information like courier rates, please do let us know.

      Hope we helped.

    • J P Sharma

      Pls call me for detailed information about shipping etc

  • Zepo

    Hi Adil,

    We have passed on your request to Anish from our team. He will get in touch with you regarding the same and take it forward from there.

    Thanks for dropping in.

  • Adil

    hi zepo team, I’d like to send all my future orders through AVN service. It will be great if you’ll please let me know the procedure/additional details. My email is

  • rahul

    I want to know do you provide shipping solution to independent e-tailers not using zepo platform?
    if yes can you please send me details of it

    • Zepo

      Hey Rahul,

      As of now the AVN logistics services have only been made available to Zepo store owners. However, in the long run if we do plan open up the services to third part e-tailers we shall let you know about the same.

  • Rohit Upasani

    It is quite shameful to even see that Zepo is publishing such high shipping rates. These Rates are extremely high. Its almost more than double of that of Kartrock plus no automation whatsoever. Most of the time goes on manual shipping on Zepo.

    Zepo needs to rework on shipping quotes on immediate basis. Atleast match shipping rates of Kartrocket if not better. And what about half kilo rates?

    Zepo please look into matter seriously if you want to survive in this competitive market and start taking quick actions or it is you who are forcing customers to shift to kartrocket.

    • Zepo

      Hey Rohit,

      1) The FedEx rates as stated by KartRocket are with hidden charges. They have not included the Fuel Surcharge as well as the Service Tax in it to make the rates appear lower :) Here is what the total charges of KartRocket will look like, once you add up-

      2) The automation is coming very soon. It’ll be released by 25th of January! And that will be available for free unlike Rs. 6000/Quarter (i.e. Rs.2000/month) extra charge for using the ShipRocket app.

      Thanks for looking out for us! We understand it’s done in good nature. Hope this clarification helps. Do let us know if you’d like to know more about our shipping charges.

      • Rahul

        That’s quite a well altered response from you, the kartrocket rates that you mentioned are as per 1KG, if you ship it for a 500gms product, the rates are 50% lower than what you offer. Please provide the true picture. If I have to ship a small product like a tshirt, you charge 50% more than kartrocket.

  • Rahul

    These new rates are supposed to be cheaper but it’s not, your previous rates with fedex for zone 1 is Rs.44, now it’s 47. You should pull up your socks as your competition Kartrocket offers full automated shipping with just 28Rs for fedex, 30rs aramax for the same zone. You have no automation and are offering expensive rates too, I am confused between zepo and kartrocket, any help guys?

    • Zepo

      Hey Rahul,

      1) The FedEx rates as stated by KartRocket are with hidden charges. They have not included the Fuel Surcharge as well as the Service Tax in it to make the rates appear lower :) Here is what the total charges of KartRocket will look like, once you add up-

      2) The automation is coming very soon. It’ll be released by 25th of January! And that will be available for free unlike Rs. 6000/Quarter (i.e. Rs.2000/month) extra charge for using the ShipRocket app.

      3) Yes agree, that zone 1 rates are a little higher than Fedex direct rates, but overall they are 20% lower than direct FedEx rates & 10% lower than Kartrocket’s.

      Hope this helps. Do let us know if you’d like to know more about our shipping charges.


    Hey there, our project for launching our e-commerce website is in pipeline.Our store will be online by the 1st week of Jan. We need to tie up for courier services. Can you please explain the process if we need to associate with you.

    • Zepo

      Hi Yagya,

      You can write in to Anish from our team at He will help you with setting up an AVN A/C for logistics for you.

      Also, if you’d like to know more about the Zepo platform or have doubts, you can address the same to Anish. He shall be able to help you along. Do let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

  • Ganeshreddy Indireddy

    Hi Zepo Team, its really good to hear the news from you. And also the slab of 1kg is good for me as mine is a bookstore.

    I have some basic doubts regarding this logistics integration as follows..!

    1) Is there pickup facility on normal days…. ? if so is it single point of pickup of multi point pickup.

    2) can you also please include the price details after the 1kg limit. Like for every additional 500 gms.

    3) Right now i am sending shipments through India post ( Express Parcel Post ), but they had recently changed the price structures. So i am in dilemma whether should i continue with the Express Parcel post or should i shift to this logistics. Based on you prior knowledge about all these logistics, can you please suggest which would be better taking PRICE,SERVICE and TRACKING into consideration.

    Thank you in advance…!

    • Zepo

      Hi Ganesh,

      We have forwarded your concerns to Anish from our team. He shall be able to help you along with all your logistics queries. Do let him know if you have any more questions. And he shall also be able to help you start your AVN logistics A/C.

      Hope this helps.

  • Dotnditto

    Hi, any plans to provide rates for 250 gms and 500 gms also? Most of our couriers are of 250 gms weight.


    So this new rates were supposed to be available from November 115 or so and today its December 10th and still no sign of new rates and promised features. Forget about the new features no updates on the same either. I am sure I will definitely move to some other service provider as soon my contacts gets over with Zepo.

    • Zepo

      Hi Vishal,

      We are completely on this, Vishal. AVN is live already and a couple of our clients are using their service under beta. But unfortunately, we are not 100% confident on AVN’s technical integration.

      We do not want to hand over a half-baked solution to you, which may cause operational issues. We are working with AVN team hand-in-hand to help them strengthen their technical integration with us. This may take a little more time, but let me give you a concrete update on this latest in a day or two.

      In the meantime, Anish from our team will get an AVN A/C opened for you, today itself. So you can go ahead and drive benefit out of better rates.


        Ok I am still waiting on the same.

        • Zepo

          Hi there,

          Anish from our team has already mailed you the details regarding the new AVN account and is waiting for a confirmation from your end. Just to cross-check the email id with you again, Anish sent the mail to

          If you are using some other email id, please help us with the same.

  • crazeemania

    Please tie-up for 500gms and 250gms rates also with top priority as 95% of our parcels are in that weight range. Thnx..

  • crazeemania

    Hi friends,

    When is this feature getting launched. As per your commitment as follows we have been waiting for the launch :

    “By 15th November, we would do a full-fledged automated integration of this service – with your Zepo dashboard. With this integration, you would be able to schedule a shipment with just one click



    We are a t-shirt company from NORTH-EAST India.

    Can you please confirm the rates as per the above sheets, If i have to ship a t-shirt (approx 250gms) from NORTHEAST –

    1/ To NORTHEAST without COD: Shipping rate is- Rs. 67

    2/ To any region except NORTHEAST without COD: Shipping rate is- Rs. 134

    3/ To NORTHEAST with COD: Shipping rate is- Rs.( 67+ 60)= Rs. 127

    4/ To any region except NORTHEAST with COD: Shipping rate is- Rs. (134+60)=Rs.194

    Please confirm the rates so that there is no chance of any miscommunication.

    • Utpal Baruah

      We are based in Guwahati too. My understanding is

      North East to North East is Rs. 67/- (Zone 2)
      North East to any other location in India is Rs. 134/- (Zone 5)

      Also, please clarify if 1KG is the minimum weight.

      Most of our packages are of around 250 grams and Rs. 134/- is way too high than what at least 1 of your competitor is offering.

      • Zepo

        Hi Utpal,

        1. Rest of east to rest of east is Zone 2 of delivery.
        2. And, rest of east to anywhere in india is delivery Zone 5.

        However, 1kg is the minimum weight slab in case of COD, but not in the case of NONCOD. We are also currently trying to negotiate a lesser weight slab than 1 KG.

  • manaf82

    What about insurance coverage if we are sending things mre expensive like 1 lakh.Maximum is 5000 coverage???

    • Zepo

      Hi Manaf,

      There are two options available to you:
      First is the Carriage value and the other one is Freight-On value.

      When you are scheduling your pick-up, you have to enter your product value in these fields. So say if your product is valued at Rs.80,000, then you will enter the same as your carriage value as well as your freight-on value. And when you do so, FedEx will automatically charge an extra amount on insurance.

      Hope this helps.

      • manaf82

        What is the difference between carriage value and freight-on Value?.And what is the percentage charged for it??

        • Zepo

          Hi Manaf,

          Carriage value is the value of the shipment as declared by you. It usually is the same as the cost price of the shipment and is the basis of calculating the freight value by FedEx.

          On the same hand, freight on value or FOV, is the total value of the shipment including the insurance provided by FedEx.

          You can find out more about the charges here:


    As a customer, I would appreciate if Zepo and/or the courier partners put up a list of forms required, procedures and processes to be followed before we arrange for the pickup.

    Ex. One needs to generate an E-Sugam form to transport goods to/from Karnataka if the value of the Goods is more than Rs 20,000. Like wise Any buyer be it an end customer has to obtain a form (I think form 50) to receive goods across the state border.

    • Zepo

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll definitely look into it and see what can be done from our end.


    Wow just another day I was thinking about the courier service offered by Zepo is not upto the mark and today I see this. Excellent move guys now this gives me lot of strenth to run my store. Although I got similar quote by DTDC’s DOTZOT but the 1 click dashboard integration will be very helpful.

    • Zepo

      Hi there,

      Good to hear your feedback on the same! :) Even we are looking forward to this feature going live on our platform. Do share your feedback once it goes live.

      • BiblioFreaks

        Hi Zepo,
        Is it possible, to get integrated to this Beta version of Logistics to to my store BiblioFreaks,com ? As i had already got account from AVN, I also can test, familiar myself with it and also can give feedback about the same, which can be helpful to you before going live…!

        • Zepo

          Hi there,

          You most definitely can try out the Beta version of AVN. You can sign up for an AVN account right away by just filling in this form:

          If you have any queries, please feel free to write to Anish from our team, at anish@zepo..