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KartRocket ShipRocket Shipping Costs

Update: Click here for a detailed comparison of the shipping rates of Kartrocket’s Shiprocket and Zepo’s AVN Logistics.

KartRocket recently launched their new e-commerce logistic tool called ShipRocket. And there have been a lot of comparisons with regards to the shipping costs, between Zepo and KartRocket.

So, we thought we’d put it all out on the table, for anybody and everybody to view and be the better judge.

The following are shipping costs as quoted by KartRocket across various shipping companies.

1. ShipRocket – Aramex Charges

KartRocket ShipRocket Aramex Rates

2. ShipRocket – Bluedart Charges

KartRocket ShipRocket BlueDart Rates

3. ShipRocket – FCouriers Standard Overnight Charges

KartRocket ShipRocket FedEx Standard Overnight Rates

4. ShipRocket – FCouriers Priority Overnight Charges

KartRocket ShipRocket FedEx Priority Overnight Rates

 And finally, here are Zepo’s shipping costs through AVN, it’s new logistics partner.

ZEPO Logistics Rates

You can read more about Zepo’s tie-up with AVN here.

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Tanya Rao

Tanya Rao

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  • Zepo

    HI Tarun,

    Thanks for the feedback. Could you list out specific problems that you are facing with them. Or if there is anything we can help you with?

  • KartRocket

    I would like to highlight a major difference between SHIPROCKET & AVN.

    Unlike AVN, Shiprocket’s minimum weight bracket is 500gms. Which means that if you have to send a product which is 500gms or less, you will have to pay for 500gms only and not 1 Kg. The same is not true for AVN. No matter product is 200gms or 900gms, you will have to pay for minimum 1 KG.

    And according to our research 95% of the shipments are under the weight bracket of 500gms. You should refer this:

    Visit our website for exact shipping rates and decide on your own:

  • Zepo

    Hi Rahul,

    As of now, the following logistics assistance is only open to all Zepo store owners. Sorry about that. But do give us a call if you’d like to know more and we’ll see what can we worked out accordingly.

  • rahul

    Do you allow independent e-tailers to use this services ?

  • Saahil Goel

    This is a slightly falsified representation of the rates (per fact).

    1. Shiprocket charges are waived for KartRocket clients – they only apply to Zepo and third party shopping cart customers :)

    2. Show cased prices are in the 1 KG bracket, which makes the rates look expensive. But 90% of Ecommerce shipments are below 500 gms which makes Zepo shipping rates expensive as there is no 1/2 KG bracket available.

    3. If you compare Zone 1 of Fedex to Zone one of BlueDart there is a big difference in the serviceable pincodes, which make BD cheaper than Zepo.

    4. From wherever Zepo has obtained the above information is private and confidential and is not in the public domain. How can it be published without prior permission from KartRocket!?

    Disclaimer: I represent – India’s first end to end ecommerce platform and the real problem solvers in the market :)