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ZEPOST Logistics Support :: Extensive Pincode Coverage and Lowest Logistics Rates for eCommerce Businesses

A strong logistics support is the backbone to an e-commerce business.

That’s why every single eCommerce business around the world puts so much emphasis on logistics, from launching one-day delivery models to prophesizing drones delivering products to having their own fleet of delivery chain. Well it’s about time for you to pump up your game too!

Unveiling the ZePOST logistics tie-up. Find below all details about the ZePOST logistics service.

 Shipping Charges

Depending on the zone of delivery, the following charges will be applicable.





Priority Standard Standard Standard Standard
Non-COD< Rs5000 Non-COD> Rs5000  andAll COD All COD and Non-COD All COD and Non-COD All COD and Non-COD
Weight Per 500gms Per 1Kg Per 500gms Per 500gms Per 500gms
Zone 1 41 52 44 44 44
Zone 2 49 73 57 57 57
Zone 3 55 85 64 64 64
Zone 4 60 93 64 64 64
Zone 5 114 138 114 114 114
Note: Additional COD Collection Charges are Rs 60 + 12.36% ST = Rs 67.5 approx

Details about the Above Charges

1. All charges are inclusive of Fuel Surcharge & Service Tax.

  • Fuel Surcharge = 45%
  • Service Tax = 12.36%

2. Fuel Surcharge keeps changing every month, and you’ll be informed of the same.

Volumetric Weight

Volumetric weight is calculated as: length*breadth*height (in cm)/5000.

When considering weight of the product for shipment, the actual weight is compared to the volumetric weight of the product, and the higher is chosen.

Serviceable Area Delivery

For a list of serviceable pin-codes for Non-COD as well as COD delivery, please follow the below link.

Download ZePOST Pin-Code List

Carriage Insurance Coverage

1. If you avail shipment insurance from AVN, then in case of damage or theft,

  • AVN insures and repays the full value of the product, if the invoice value of the product is less than Rs. 5000.
  • If the invoice value of the product is from Rs. 5001 to Rs. 50000, 0.50% of the invoice value shall be charged, if the customer requests.

2. If you avail shipment insurance from a third party service provider:

  • In case of damage or theft, the Certificate of Fact (or COF) will need to be produced at the time of product shipment.
  • And 0.25% is charged on the Invoice Value.

3. The claim settlement process time ranges from 4-15 days.

COD Coverage

COD service is provided only in the mentioned pin-codes as per the excel sheet we share with you.

Pick-up Facility

  1. Pick-up service will be provided for FREE on all days, except Sunday.
  2. On Saturdays, pick-up is provided for some regions only before cut-off time.
  3. All pin-codes mentioned in the file have a pickup facility available
  4. Sunday and Public Holiday Pick-up or Delivery Charges Rs. 100

Account & Billing

  1. AVN A/C will be in the name of Zepo & you would be given separate credentials and dashboard to access your AVN account.
  2. Payments of bills & reimbursement shall be as follows:
    A. For the consignments delivered between 1st and 15th of a month, bills will be settled in next 30 days i.e. before 15th of next month.
    B. For the consignment delivered between 15th and 31st of a month, bills will be settled in next 30 days i.e. before 30th of next month.

Refundable Security Deposit

  1. Every customer is required to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs. 2000.
  2. The amount is completely refundable for the customer, if they wish to discontinue the logistics services.

This helps us ensure that seamless service is provided to you .​

Understanding Delivery Regional Zones

  1. Zone 1 = Intra-City: Pick-up & delivery within your own city.
  2. Zone 2 = Intra-Region: Pick-up & delivery within your own region (north / east / west / south / north-east).
  3. Zone 3 = Other Metros: Pickup from your city to any metro (other than yours, in case).
  4. Zone 4 = Inter-Region: Pick-up from one region & delivery in another region (north / east / west / south / north-east).
  5. Zone 5 = North-East: Pick-up from any 4 other regions (north / east / west / south) & delivery in north-east.

    Understanding Service Package types

There are basically 3 service package types provided by AVN logistics.


Priority service is an express service only offered by FedEx for Non-COD shipments with invoice Value <Rs 5000. The rate will be calculated in 500 gms slabs.  

For  Zone 1:

  • For package weighing less than 500 gms,  the cost will be = Rs 41.
  • For package weight ( 750 gms) between 500 gms and 1kg , the cost will be = Rs 41*2 = Rs 82
  • For package weight  of 1.3 kg, the cost will be =  Rs 41*3 = Rs 123


Standard service is offered by FedEx, Gati, Aramex and Delhivey for COD and Non-COD shipments

a. FedEx

All COD shipments and Non- COD shipments with invoice value> Rs 5000. Rates are calculated on a  per kg bases. For Example:

 For Zone 1 

  • For a 1 kg package the total shipping charges will be = Rs 52 for Non-COD shipments and Rs 119.5 for COD shipments.
  • For a 1.2 kg package, the total shipping charges will be = Rs 52*2 = Rs 104 for Non-COD shipments and Rs 171.5 for COD shipments.

* So if  you have a Non-COD package above 1 kg standard will be a better option as , a 1.2 kg Non-COD with Priority = Rs 41*3= Rs 123

b. Gati, Aramex and Delhivery

All COD shipments and Non- COD shipments.  Rates are calculated on a  per 500 gm bases. For Example,

For Zone 1 

  • For a 400 gms package the total shipping charges will be = Rs 44 for Non-COD shipments and Rs 115.5 for COD shipments.
  • For a 700 gms package, the total shipping charges will be = Rs 44*2 = Rs 88 for Non-COD shipments and Rs 159.5 for COD shipments.

Note: For Aramex and Delhivery, cash handling charges of Rs 67.5 (approx.) or 2% of invoice value (whichever is higher) is applicable for every COD shipment. 

3) Economy: For surface shipping ( Only offered by FedEx) the minimum chargeable weight is 10 kgs. Find the rates according to the zones in the table below.

surface shipping table image

Please Note

1. The rates mentioned above are inclusive of Fuel Surcharge @ 45% and Service Tax @ 12.36 %.

2.  For surface shipping only the shipment destination matters and not the origin.

3. For every shipment, the actual weight is measured and the volumetric weight (L*B*H/4750) is calculated. Whichever is higher will be applicable.

Example: For West 1 Zone

  1. For a 9 kg package, total shipping charges = Rs 200 for Non-COD shipments and Rs 267.5 (approx.) for COD shipments.
  2. For a 12 kg, package, total shipping charges = 200 + (20*2) = 240 for Non-COD shipments and Rs 307.5 (approx.) for COD shipments.

 Compare ZePOST Rates with Competitor Rates

If you have any questions or concerns about the ZePOST logistics support, please feel free to get in touch with us. And we’ll do our very best to help you along.

Think logistic arrangements are very cumbersome? Well, worry no more. Give Zepo a try and deliver through out the country easily and efficiently.

I want Simple and Cost Effective Logistics Now

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  • nitesh

    I wanted to start e retail stores I want logistics solutions for my store send details

    • Zepo


      We have forwarded your request to our Logistics team and they will get in touch with you. Thanks for writing to us.

  • Zepo

    Hi Alok,
    Thanks for writing to us. WE have forwarded your request to our logistics team and they will get in touch with you about the same.

  • Zepo

    Hi Raghav,

    We would love to help you with it, Our team will get in touch with you shortly on your email ID. In the mean time we will recommend you to start a trial store at Also if you would like you can get in touch with us at or call us on 9223583358.

  • Zepo

    Hi Anupam,

    Thank you for writing to us. We have forwarded your request to our logistics team and they will get in touch with you about it.

  • Vinay

    i I am Looking for ecommerce Startup Logistic Solution, Can you provide details on,

    • Zepo

      Hi Vinay,

      The details have been emailed to you. Thank you for writing to us.

  • Zepo


    This is what we understand from your question. You are asking if with COD the delivery charges are slightly high, then it will have to be added to the product price. In that case, the product price will need to slashed down, leading to a low ROI.
    Yes, the cost of COD shipments are higher and you need to see what works best for your business.

  • Zepo

    Hi Philip,

    Thank you for writing to us. You can call us on 9223583358 for logistics services or drop an email to We do not provide a warehouse facility, however the pickup can be scheduled from locations whose pincode is covered in our logistics services.

  • Zepo

    Hi Chandrasekaran,

    Thank you for writing to us. We provide logistic support called Zepost. We have a tie up with AVN Logistics which aggregates FedEx and Gati. So you can schedule pickups from Hosur and send it all over India on COD basis. We have sent your email ID which you have used to register on Disqus to our logistics team. If you would like more information you can write to us at or give us a call at 9223583358.

  • Zepo


    Thank you for your interest in ZePost. We have forwarded you details to our logistics team. A team member will contact you on the email id you have registered on Disqus with.

  • Zepo

    Hi Anoop,

    Thank you for your interest in ZePost. We have forwarded your request to our logistics team. One of the team members will contact you via the email ID you are registered on Disqus with, for the same.

  • Atulith

    Do u have international services.. If yes, what are rates from INDIA

    • Zepo

      Hi Atulith,

      Yes, we do offer international logistics services. You should get more information about the rates from our Support team soon.

  • Mohit

    Hey Do you offer only logistics to shops??

    • Zepo

      Hey Mohit,

      Have passed on your query to our business development team. They should get in touch with you soon.

  • Zepo

    Hi Rahul,

    Have passed on your request to our business development. You shall be hearing from them shortly.
    Thanks for writing in.

  • Sumeet

    Hey. I have a ecommerce site but would like a shipping integration for complete logistics solution. Can you help? Please revert asap..

    • Zepo

      Hi Sumeet,

      We have passed on your request to our business development team. They should get back to you on your mentioned email id.

  • Sonit

    Hi.I am going to start onlinestore . But I live in Guwahati, Assam. I have read that you are tied up with FedEx. Then what is Zepost? So I want to know if I send a item from my place i.e., Guwahati to Delhi then what will be the shipping cost?

    • Zepo

      Hi Sonit,

      ZePOST is an amalgamation of FedEx and GATI courier services. As well as, we offer automated shipping for our stores under the same brand name. Which essentially means that as soon as a store owner gets an order on his store, he can schedule a pick-up and track the order from his online store dashboard itself. ZePOST stands for all of this.

      Also, assuming the product weighs 1kg, to send it to from Guwahati to Delhi should cost you INR 130-140.

  • Harsh Thakkar

    Hi, I am Harsh Thakkar, I am starting up a E-commerce site and looking for the logistic support. do ypu provide service at Ahmedabad, Gujarat??

    • Zepo

      Hi Harsh,

      Yes, we most certainly do. Please write in to us at, if you’d like to know more.

  • Zepo

    Hi Amit,

    We’ve passed on your email id to our business development team. They shall get in touch with you.

  • Zepo

    Hi Vasant,

    Expected time of delivery can be 1-3 days for air delivery. Surface shipments take anywhere between 5-9 days to the northern regions.

    For the western regions, by air, delivery takes 1 – 3 days. For surface, it usually takes 3-7 days. Hope this helps.

  • Nishith

    May I know if any packaging facility avail in AVN for domestic delivery?

    • Zepo

      Hi Nishith,

      As of now, we are not providing packaging facility for domestic or international deliveries. You would have to take care of it yourself.

  • Zepo

    Hi Amit,

    You must already know that COD stands for Cash on Delivery. When courier companies are requested to deliver a product as COD, the courier guy will collect the money from the customers end when delivering the product. The money collected is then transferred to the merchant’s account in a monthly remittance settlement cycle.

    The courier companies levy an additional cash collection or COD handling charges for the seller when making a COD delivery.

  • Zepo

    Hi Abhiskek,

    There is a possibility that certain logistics providers are offering a lower rate. The lower rates are being offered by local logistics providers. All logistics providers with a pan India presence like FedEx, GATI, etc. are operating at the rates we have mentioned. And since we have tied up with them through an aggregator, the rates offered via ZePOST are cheaper than what the individual players offer at MRP.

  • Zepo

    Hi Riddhi,

    We have raised a support ticket in your name with Zepo. Our support team will get back to you on mentioned email id with the international rates, soon.

  • Riddhi

    What are the international shipping rates?

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Hi. I was going through your rates for Zone 5 and found it to be quite contradictory to what I heard from some of my vendors. They have been shipping for around Rs 50-55 for 500Gms whereas your rate is Rs 96. Can you pls explain?

  • Zepo

    Hi Yasir,

    You most definitely can. For rate sheet, please write in to And our team will send across the complete list. The rates will vary from region to region, hence suggest you write in.

    • yasir

      i has just forwarded a mail on
      plz provide me for my client at

      • Zepo

        Hi Yasir,

        Thanks for writing in to our support. Our team will get back to you shortly.

        Do let us know if we can help you with anything more.

  • yasir

    can we send goods to europe???
    if yes, dn what are the rates??

  • Zepo

    Hi Jeremy,

    Have logged in your request with our support team. You should hear back from there soon. Thanks for writing in.

  • Jeremy

    Thanks!I am assuming these rates are for air shipments.Please could you provide me the rates for Road shipments.Also,I would like your International shipments tariff card.

  • Zepo

    Hi Jeremy,

    Yes, the rates would be the same. Right now we are offering 500 gms as the minimum weight bracket.

    COD service cost for Zone 3 = Rs. 67.5.

    So for example, you are have a package weighing 30 gms to be delivered in Zone 3, then:
    Delivery charge = Rs. 64
    COD collection charge = Rs. 67.5
    Total Delivery charge = 64 + 67.5 = Rs.131.5

  • Zepo

    Hi Sheriff,

    Apologies, but currently there is no way of knowing the same. However, we have taken this input and would work to see how we can include the same in the pin-code list.

  • Jeremy

    Will the same prices be applicable if the package my ecommerce site wants to send weighs 20-50gms or will there be a reduced price?
    Moreover,please tell me the total cost for the COD service in zone 3

  • Sheriff

    Hi, Zepo

    How to know if a given area falls under zone 1,2,3 or 4?

  • Zepo

    You’re most welcome, Raj.

  • Zepo

    Hi Raj,

    You can easily use ZePOST for such a model. We allow multiple pick-up points to be created for your ZePOST account. So essentially for every order received, all you need to do is schedule a pick-up of the delivery for the respective drop-shipper and have it delivered to the customer.

    Hope this helps. Do let us know if we can help you with more information.

    • M.Raj

      Thank you for your valuable informations.

  • M.Raj

    How can I use ZEPOST logistic services , for my online site, where products are selling by the dropshippers from different parts of the country?

  • M.Raj

    What is GATI COD in ZePOST Pin Code List ?

    • Zepo

      Hi Raj,

      As part of ZePOST, we’ve tied up with a logistics aggregator to deliver this service to you. Which essentially means, ZePOST ships all deliveries through 3 logistics partners i.e. FedEx, Gati and DotZot. Hence, Gati COD is in the pin-code list.

  • Zepo

    Hi Nics,

    The above rates are for AIR shipments. We’ve forwarded your request to our support team to send you the Surface rates for the same. You should receive them in another day.

    Also, please do let us know if there is anything that we can help you with.

  • nics

    Are these above rates are by AIR or by surface. Please also provide details of the surface rates.

  • Zepo

    Hi Pranav,

    Yes, we do provide international shipping! Please write in to our support team at, to know what exact documents would you need to proceed with the same.

    Do let us know if we can help you with something more.

  • pranav

    Hi, Wanted to know if u also provide Overseas shipping! If yes what would be the required details from us?

  • Zepo

    Hi Mukund,

    That is most definitely possible. We’re forwarding your request to our BD team. You should hear back from them in 24 hours.

  • mukund

    I wanted to know if I already have a website and I want to Get your logistic service, then is that possible?

  • Mayank

    Hey Zepo,
    The logistics rates are indeed competitive. But i wasnt able to understand the pricing policy for COD deliveries. As you know that in India COD plays like a backbone for e commerce business, can you please email me or explain me the pricing policy for COD?
    P.s. I would be more than happy to get all our store development work done from Zepo if i find the pricing appropriate.

    • Zepo

      Hi Mayank,

      We’d be more than happy to help you along with your store setup. We’re forwarding your query to our business development team who will help you along with the same. They will contact you on your mentioned email id – Please do share your contact information with them to take it forward swiftly.

      Also, about COD charges, a flat COD charge of Rs. 67.5 is applicable on shipments, irrespective of the weight of the product.

      For example: For a product weighing 500 gms and for delivery in Zone 1:
      Delivery charge = Rs. 42
      + COD Collection Charge = Rs. 67.5
      = Total Cost of Delivery = Rs. 42 + 67.5 = Rs. 109.5

  • vaibhav kanth

    I have a system which requires an item to be delivered to a house when a user purchases it from my e-commerce site – Collect COD from him and after a certain period of time, collect the item back from his house and send it back to us. ( No money return involved. )
    Kindly let me know if zepo will be able to give a cost effective solution. Also, i will happy to explain the entire scheme in detail over an email if its possible.

  • Aashish sharma

    Hi, We are also looking for a logistics support for our new venture. Can you please tell how can we proceed?

  • hookah wala

    how can i get these avn services for my store whats the procedure

  • ramesh jaiswar

    are you charging flat rate rs 60 as cod charges for all product of irrespective value

    • Zepo

      Hi Ramesh,

      Yes, COD charges are flat Rs. 60, irrespective of the product value and weight. This charge is for the COD collection charge.

      Do let us know if you’d like to know more about Zepo-AVN.


    I am already signed up for AVN account so this new rates will be applicable to me?

    • Zepo

      Hi Vishal,

      Yes, these new rates will be applicable to you too.