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CHEAPEST & FASTEST ECOMMERCE COURIER SOLUTION Save almost 14 minutes of time and 20% of money on shipping every order

Use ZePOST & Ship Orders Right from your Dashboard

3 Kickass Reasons To Try The ZePOST Logistics Solution

Single Click Pick-Up Schedule
Schedule ecommerce orders right from your Zepo dashboard without the hassle of logging-in anywhere else. All it takes is just one click per order to schedule a pick-up!
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Extensive Pin-Code Coverage
With the power of Aramex, Delhivery & Ecom Express you can now ship even to the remotest corners of India. More ecommerce logistics partners to come on-board with ZePOST.
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Lowest Rates & Introducing Half Kg Rate Slab
Spend 20 to 25% lesser than with any other logistics service. And with the new half KG rate slab for your ecommerce shipments, save even more shipping lightweight products.
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How the Mobile storefront is going to work?

Turn On Automated Shipping Schedule the pick-up with just 1 click Print the Shipment Labels Provide Shipment labels to courier guy

Weight Based Shipping Rates

Zone of Delivery Priority
(Non COD, < Rs 5000 only)
[per 500 g]
(All COD & Non COD shipments)
[per kG]
Zone 1 Rs. 46 Rs. 58
Zone 2 Rs. 55 Rs. 83
Zone 3 Rs. 65 Rs. 98
Zone 4 Rs. 70 Rs. 108
Zone 5 Rs. 128 Rs. 156
Additional COD Collection Charges Higher of Rs. 60 + 14.5% ST and 1.5% of invoice value + 14.5% ST

Details about the above charges

1. All charges are inclusive of Fuel Surcharge & Service Tax.

  1. Fuel Surcharge = 45%
  2. Service Tax = 14.5%

2. Fuel Surcharge keeps changing every month, and you'll be informed of the same.

3. Shipment charges will be calculated based on below service types:


  1. Standard: In multiples of 500 grams. All kind of Shipments

Other courier services

  1. Priority: In multiples of 500 grams. Only NON COD SHIPMENTS, INVOICE VALUE LESS THAN Rs 5000
  2. Standard: In multiples of 1Kgs. All kind of Shipments
  3. Economy: Minimum of 10kgs after that per KG rate. All kind of shipments.

Anything else you need to know? Read our FAQs

Serviceable Pincodes across India

For a list of serviceable pin-codes for Non-COD as well as COD delivery, please follow the below link.
Download ZePOST Pin-Code List

Carriage Insurance Coverage

1. If you avail shipment insurance from AVN, then in case of damage or theft,

  1. AVN insures and repays the full value of the product, if the invoice value of the product is less than Rs. 5000.
  2. If the invoice value of the product is from Rs. 5001 to Rs. 50000, 0.50% of the invoice value shall be charged, if the customer requests.

2. If you avail shipment insurance from a third party service provider:

  1. In case of damage or theft, the Certificate of Fact (or COF) will need to be produced at the time of product shipment.
  2. And 0.25% is charged on the Invoice Value.

3. The claim settlement process time ranges from 4-15 days.

COD Coverage

COD service is provided only in the mentioned pin-codes as per the excel sheet we share with you.

Rates applicable by Actual Weight v/s Volumetric Weight

1. When considering weight of the product for shipment, the actual weight is compared to the volumetric weight of the product. Whichever rate is higher will be applied

2. Volumetric weight is imp for products that may weight less but are bulky or bigger in dimensions (for example - posters, paintings, light weight but big size lamps, etc)

3. Volumetric weight is calculated as: length*breadth*height (in cm)/5000.

  1. Actual Weight of the Shipment = 800 gms
  2. Dimensions of the Shipment: Length = 31 cms; Breath = 45 cms; Height = 7 cms
  3. Volumetric Weight of the Shipment = 31 * 45 * 7/ 5000 = 1.95 KGS

Hence, Shipping rates applied will be as per as the volumetric weight i.e. 1.95 KGS, which is higher.

Pick-Up Facility

  1. Pick-up service will be provided for FREE on all days, except Sunday.
  2. On Saturdays, pick-up is provided for some regions only before cut-off time.
  3. All pin-codes mentioned in the file have a pickup facility available

Account and Billing

  1. AVN A/C will be in the name of Zepo & you would be given separate credentials and dashboard to access your AVN account.
  2. Payments of bills & reimbursement shall be as follows:
  1. For all transactions between 1st and 15th of a month, bills will be settled before 15th of the next month.
  2. For all transactions between 15th and 30th of a month, bills will be settled on 30th of the next month.

Please Note: A refundable deposit of Rs. 2000 needs to be paid to start using logistics services.

Understanding Regional Delivery Zones

  1. Zone 1 = Intra-City: Pick-up & delivery within your own city.
  2. Zone 2 = Intra-Region: Pick-up & delivery within your own region (north / east / west / south / north-east).
  3. Zone 3 = Other Metros: Pickup from your city to any metro (other than yours, in case).
  4. Zone 4 = Inter-Region: Pick-up from one region & delivery in another region (north / east / west / south / north-east).
  5. Zone 5 = North-East: Pick-up from any 4 other regions (north / east / west / south) & delivery in north-east.