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What I Learnt From Hosting Zepo’s Inaugural ECommerce Workshop

How does one start a workshop with supreme confidence? With multiple sets of eyes staring at you intently, it does get a little nerve-wracking to be honest. I recently conducted an ECommerce workshop in Delhi for people who were interested in understanding about selling online. I was aiming to simplify the …


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Success Stories

Celebrating the Spirit of Zepo’s Women Entrepreneurs

Time and again, we come across stories infiltrating our news feeds reciting incidents about business magnates and how they went from being ‘zeroes to heroes’. Every successful entrepreneur has his own inspiring story to share, but women entrepreneurs usually have a more colorful tale to tell.  Decades ago, it was impossible …


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eCommerce Trends in India

Your Monthly Fix Of E-Commerce News | January 2017

As 2016 prepared to bid us goodbye, India overtook the USA in terms of internet users. At 227 million people, India’s internet user base is now the second largest in the world after China. Now THAT is E-Commerce news worthy.  The E-Commerce industry is on a rapid growth trajectory if …


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