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Paytm vs. PayUmoney: Which payment gateway will you choose?

Demonetization has now become the necessity of every major or minor economy in the world. 60 years ago no one could have imagined that cash could be replaced with anything, but then credit cards had been introduced and now it seems like payment methods are changing again. Digital or mobile …


Success Stories

imithila success story
Success Stories

iMithila – The Brand That’s Creating Madhubani Art Masterpieces

Since ages, we have been using art as an expression of our thoughts, desires and ideas. Looking at a visual form of art triggers the emotional and cognitive areas of our brain which taps its pleasure and reward system. That is probably why i was fascinated by iMithila’s Madhubani painting …


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7 Tips for Powerful Product Photos For eCommerce

In my previous article, “Top 10 ways to increase e-commerce conversion rates” I had stressed on providing quality photos of products on your e-commerce store. An e-commerce store is entirely different from a physical outlet. Prospective buyers take their decision of buying based on the product photos. Remember, they cannot …


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