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Tricks to Boost Productivity And Get Orders Out on Time

According to a recent survey around 62% of shoppers prefer buying their things online. It is more convenient for them to browse a website than taking out time from their busy schedule to visit stores. Receiving your selected favourite items on the doorstep is loved by all, but this also …


Success Stories

imithila success story
Success Stories

iMithila – The Brand That’s Creating Madhubani Art Masterpieces

Since ages, we have been using art as an expression of our thoughts, desires and ideas. Looking at a visual form of art triggers the emotional and cognitive areas of our brain which taps its pleasure and reward system. That is probably why i was fascinated by iMithila’s Madhubani painting …


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7 Tips for Powerful Product Photos For eCommerce

In my previous article, “Top 10 ways to increase e-commerce conversion rates” I had stressed on providing quality photos of products on your e-commerce store. An e-commerce store is entirely different from a physical outlet. Prospective buyers take their decision of buying based on the product photos. Remember, they cannot …


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