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The first 250 days of a start-up – Zepo – Past, Present & Future

15th June, 2011 – We booked a domain “” & we took the first step towards a dream. Today, Zepo is 250 days old (or young, however you prefer it 🙂 and we’re glad that it’s going really good. So we thought to sit down & reflect back on this wonderful journey so far. And give a thought to the incredible path that lies ahead.

The BEST part of working on Zepo, is that we get to meet & work with the most amazing people around. Right from our mentors & investor, to every member in the team @zepo, to fellow gangsters of @morpheusgang, to each & every client – Everyone is so full of entrepreneurial spirit. Everyone is chasing the dream of their life. Needless to say, the learning has been enormous. And every moment spent with Zepo has been totally worth it.

When we started Zepo, we actually didn’t knew that what we were building is called a ‘hosted e-commerce solution’. The attempt was to build a simple app that can solve an imp problem. Everything that we do, all boils down to just one-bottom-line, that we strive to achieve – That is to simplify e-commerce for every small business. That’s all.

The beginning was not so good, we tried & failed in our first attempt. In the first 50 days, we ended up achieving nothing significant. Most of the things had gone wrong & we were back to square one. But we got up back & kept moving forward. We tried again. And this time, it clicked! Everything that had gone wrong in the first attempt, went right the second time. From the team, to the product, to the basic fundas, everything.

So what is sooo incredible about what we do & the path that lies ahead? 

Zepo helps small businesses open their own online shop. When we talk to a client – we do not sell them false dreams that e-commerce is “super-hot” & it will multiply their wealth.. Hell, we don’t fake big numbers ever in our client conversations. We just meet all kind of entrepreneurs – startups / designers / creators / artists & show them how e-commerce can solve a real life business problem, that even a marwari would agree. We help them understand

  • How an online store can help them go-to-market quickly
  • How e-commerce can help them reach beyond their geographies
  • How online presence can help them in branding & take their brand to the next level
  • How a personal online store will help them connect with their customers better
  • How ecommerce can make it easy for their customers to buy their stuff.. & buy more of it!
  • AND LASTLY.. How Zepo can help them, in their attempt at e-commerce.

So where exactly are we as a company… and where are we headed? 

Point no. 1- We are ready with the product.. (well, almost :). In less than 10 days, we’ll enter the market like a boss 🙂 And then we gonna beat the hell out of competition. It has been long time. We’ve been working quietly in the garage, doing mistakes, re-iterating, fixing bugs, learning, working very closely with our wonderful beta clients. 

Point no. 2- Everything else is in place, from office chairs to basic learning. We’ve learnt what we needed to learn. We’ve got the nerve of the market. We have some wonderful early adopters that are helping us shape the product wonderfully. We are very clear of how we’ll crack the game. The tank is full (if you know what i mean 🙂 And now, we are all geared up for an exciting ride.  

Point no. 3- We have our own theory of e-commerce, that we believe in. Do read it. The destination is to become the back-bone of Indian e-commerce. How? Just by simplifying e-commerce for every small business in India. Every startup that is worth its salt, has a BIG dream. A dream that is larger than life, that is slightly impossible for the ones that think more practically. The dream at Zepo, that keeps us awake, is to achieve our destination. (And to make a hell lot of money on the way 🙂 

We don’t claim that we know it all. We don’t say we are the best “hosted e-commerce solution” in the market either. We are far from perfect. There is a whole lot of chaos. A lot of challenges lie ahead. But we’re gonna try. real. hard.

P.S. – Hey, where have you been? We’ve been looking for you!

Do you want to be an entrepreneur too? Would you like to venture into Ecommerce? Why not give Zepo a try and start your online store in the next 5 mins.

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