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Super Easy method to Resize images before uploading them to your Zepo Store? Try This…

We’ve been off the grid for some time now, busy working on new features and enhancements to the Zepo platform, and helping some awesome new entrepreneurs set up their online stores.

Over the past few weeks, we happened to come across one particular support request more often than others, and that had to do with errors faced while adding product images to the store. Also, one super easy way of searching similar image on the internet is using SmallSEOTools Reverse Image Search.

The fact is that most platforms, Zepo included, cap the image size to 2 MB, and throw up an error when it detects anything higher trying to make it’s way in.

While we understand completely that you want the best images of your products on your  store, and do not expect you to compromise on the quality of the images, here’s a super simple way to overcome this by using one of the most versatile & free  image management tools- Picassa. And the best thing is that you can process multiple images in one shot, and it takes no more than a few seconds.

We thought it would be a good idea to put together a step-by-step tutorial on how you can resize your images using Picassa. Read on…

  1. Download and Install Picassa on your PC
  2. Double click the Picassa icon on your desktop to launch Picassa. You should see the main Picassa window, as in the screenshot below.
  3. Now we need to add all your product images to Picassa. To do this, go to the Picassa main menu at the top, and click File » Add Folder to Picassa
  4. This will open up a Folder Manager box. Navigate to the folder which has all your product pics, and select it. In my case it was the folder “Tees”. Also select the “Scan Once” radio button to the right, inside the Folder Manager box , and Click OK. See screenshot below 
  5. You should now see the folder you added in the Picassa Folder View on the left, and all the images in that folder in the main window. See screenshot below. 
  6. Now here comes the cool part. Just select all the images in the folder (You can do so by clicking on the first image and then pressing right arrow key while holding down the Shift key, till all images are selected). Note the blue line along the border. See screenshot below
  7. After selecting all the images, locate the Export button at the bottom of the Picassa main window, and click it. This should bring up a new pop-up. See screenshot below. 
  8. Picassa will resize and export these images to a new folder (usually the same name as the original one) to a default path. However you can choose your own path if you want to. In the “Resize to” field, change the number to 1024. Leave everything else as is and click the Export button in the popup.
  9. Picassa will now resize all your images to a uniform size, and export them to the new folder. Don’t bother remembering the path to the new folder, as it will automatically open up once Picassa is done working it’s magic. See screenshot below 
  10. That’s it!! You’re done. Open up your store dashboard, and start uploading the images from this new folder, and aaall should be well!!

by Madhav

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