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Why should you be capitalizing on India's e-commerce potential?

Even with e-commerce booming in India, its still hard breaking conventions and the mind set of the general janta, which primarly remains unaware about e-commerce and online shopping. There is still a hiccup among the majority as far as online shopping is concerned, but the scenario is changing slowly.

According to statistics, India should see a 98% increase in rural internet users. Combine this with a GDP growth of almost 5X, Indians are set to become more affluent internet users!

Some people stand big on the argument that this recent e-commerce boom in India, is much like the bubble in the US. But we beg to differ, and differ strongly.

India has a massive e-commerce potential. And why do we say this with so much confidence? Here is why…

India E-commerce Overview - Infographic
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What we, as an e-commerce platform helping you setup online shops, take away from this infographic:

1. India’s GDP is set to grow 5 times by 2030, which would mean a more rich population, willing to spend more.

2. More people are going to have access to the internet (a 98% increase). Combine this with the above statistic and it would mean a steep increase in the number of people, with an increased disposable income willing to shop online.

3. 84% increase in mobile internet users by 2012, which would see a great increase in m-commerce.

4. The Indian janta will get more comfortable paying online.

All these are pointers to a massive e-commerce potential in India, valued at $500 billion. And now the very important question. Are you as a designer, artist, entrepreneur, creator ready to capitalize on this growth? Are you accessible to your customers online? They are here, are you?

Every business should optimize on this growth and reap the benefits of a growing population that is e-commerce savvy. Start today!

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