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How to find new customers and increase online sales

It is the best thing in the world to see a surge of traffic on your online store! It gives us immense satisfaction to know that we’re loved by our customers.

And as store owners, we are always on the lookout for interesting ways to keep getting good traffic to our websites. There are a lot of tried and tested methods and then again, there are innovative ways too.

Bottom line is the more visitors on your online store, the more number of sales happen.

So we are going to walk you through some of the ways that we’ve come across and that can work wonders for you to help you acquire new customers.

1.Newsletters: KISS! Don’t get us wrong. Keep It Short and Simple. Don’t write lengthy newsletters. Decide a particular topic for every newsletter and send them out every 2 weeks. You don’t want to send out newsletters very frequently and clutter their inboxes. You can download customer data from your Zepo dashboard or buy emailing lists.

2.List on other marketplace sites: List your products at marketplaces like Shopo and Craftsvilla. They’ll act as another point of sales. And what better? They will keep getting you new customers and increase your brand visibility over the web.

3.Distributing Gift Vouchers / Discount Coupons: Who doesn’t like a discount or a free gift voucher? There are a lot of online sites where you can distribute these for your brand. These sites drive a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis.

a.Recharge Sites: Sites like Freecharge and PayTM let you list your discount coupons on their site. Make them fun and catchy. And you’ve already attracted attention to your online store.

b.Deal sites: Try out sites like Snapdeal, Timesdeal and Groupon for listing your discount coupons.

c.FB Discount Coupons: Did you know that if you cross 400 likes on your brand’s FB page, you can create your own discount coupons on FB and share the same with all your fans. Discount coupons have a greater virality factor and the more it gets shared, the more probability of people visiting your online store.

d.Partner with Offline Brands: Try partnering up with offline stores and brands that will let you showcase your products. Or you can get them to include your discount coupons as giveaways to their customers.

4.Write a Blog: This is closest thing to shouting from rooftops! You already know a lot about your industry and have good experience. Write about that. Share your insights, your experiences, about your brand and its story, and you are sure you get noticed soon.

5.Social Media: “If Facebook was a country, it would be the third most populous.” How often have we heard this stat being quoted? But are you doing enough about it? By creating a FB page for your brand, you have the chance to reach 65 mn active users in India (data as of Oct 2012) alone.

Another great social media doing the rounds is Pinterest. Even though it is relatively new, Pinterest is already the 3rd biggest driver of referral traffic.

These are two major statistics, that you as a brand should be definitely be optimizing upon.

6.List on Product Comparison sites: Sites like let you list your products online free of cost. You can list all your products on sites like these, but all purchases are redirected to your online stores. These sites can help your products to get discovered faster and better.

7.Offline Promotion at every possible place: Put out the word about your online store by putting your store URL at every possible place.

a.On your Business Cards

b.When attending exhibitions, on your flexes and banners

c.On your office stationery like business letterheads

d.When sending out emails, include the URL in your signature

e.On your social media handles: FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog

This is one of the most powerful tool you can use. Digitizing your current offline business is a good start and has long term benefits for you.

8.Optimizing for Search Engines: When you optimize your site for search engines you make sure that you get ranked higher on search engines. And a higher ranking means more visibility. And that is just real dandy! Two types of SEO that you need to concentrate on,

a.On-page SEO: Which needs you to optimize your online stores by writing better product descriptions, including meta tags for your products, submitting sitemaps and updating your static pages.

b.Off-Page SEO: Which means providing as many back links as possible to your online store, all across the web. We’ll write more about it soon! You can leave your email in the comments below and we’ll get back to you.

9.Get Featured: No matter what you design or make, there are a lot of bloggers who will happy to write about you, your products and your journey. It will do you some excellent marketing to get noticed by these people – get interviewed by them or get your brand reviewed or mentioned by them on their blogs!

10.Paid Online Advertisements: Whatever you search for in Google, you see ads on the side and also as first results – these are paid ads. They best way to go ahead is by using Google Adwords and it definitely pays off to be spending money on this. And you can start as small as Rs. 500 a month worth of ads – targeted towards people who are actually searching for your type of products on Google.

You can also try Facebook ads which show up in the RHS sidepanes on Facebook pages.

11.Run referral programs and promotional drives: “Invite your friends & get Rs. 500 worth goodies” – Tempting, isn’t it? Run such referral programs on your Zepo Store! is one such tool which lets you create referral programs for your website. They have a “free for lifetime” plan which lets you build unlimited social media referral programs, according to your needs.

12.Affiliate ad networks: Sites like,, and, they help you build traction on your website by listing your advertisements on their affiliate websites. They can help you out in 2 ways – generate leads for you or list your advertisements. They are definitely worth a shot but try and negotiate with them about costs.

We would love to hear your feedback! Drop us a line in the comments below to tell us how these ways worked for you. Or better, tell us what do you do to acquire new customers.

13. Advertise on Facebook: Facebook is a great medium for any business to advertise on. Not only can you get your ads shown to a very targeted audience, the RoI on Facebook ads can be remarkable if you plan them right.

Facebook actually encourages small and medium businesses to advertise with them and offers them good solutions at reasonable prices. To begin with, Facebook offers all new advertisers a chance to get their businesses analyzed by their experts, who in turn give suggestions on how to run ads on their platform. After this, they also offer a free $50 ad coupon to help you  get started with advertising on Facebook. You can contact them here to stand a chance to get the $50 ad coupon.

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