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How to increase online sales by optimally using your Zepo dashboard features

We put in a lot of thought and hard work to get you the best features for your online stores. And we keep on improving thanks to your feedback.

There are nifty little things that you can try from your Zepo dashboard to optimize your online stores, liking optimizing product photos, including meta tags, etc. Give these simple tips and tricks a shot to drive better traffic to your online stores! And also convert your visitors into sales.

1. Product photos: Having good looking product photos will always work in your favour. Agreed that it takes a little more effort, but a good product photo will ensure better sales. What looks good, sells more – it is that simple. 

We wrote a blog post about tips and tricks for better product photography. Read it through and you will have plenty more ideas on how to click amazing pictures. 

2. Better product descriptions: This point can’t be specified enough. Keyword-optimized product descriptions help not only improve your search engine rankings but also gives a fair idea to your customers when making a purchase. Statistics show that products with good descriptions sell better than products with no descriptions at all. 

3. Using “You may also like”: When you display products that may interest a customer shopping on your online store, the number of sales per transaction increases.  The “You May Also Like” feature is available on your Zepo online stores under Theme 2. Tell them to use tags smartly for this 

4. Featured products: Use the “featured products” feature on your Zepo dashboard well. Promote your best selling products or your new products.

5. SEO optimized static pages: Make sure that all your static pages are updated and keyword-optimized. This will help get increase your visibility in search engines.

6. Link back to your online store: Include your website’s link on all internet spaces. Be it your Facebook page, your twitter handle, your Pinterest account, your blog or anywhere else where you are mentioned. Providing link backs to your website, ensures better traffic gets directed to your online stores.

7. Allow customer comments / reviews: Let your customers write product reviews or comments for the products they purchase. Positive comments and reviews do well with other visitors coming to your online store. 

8. Optimize your banners: The banner feature on your Zepo online stores should be used as best as possible. Banners are the first thing a customer sees as soon as he lands on your online store. Use it well for everything from promotions to announcements. Promote your products, events that you are attending or creating, sales, discounts, free-shipping and a lot more. 

9. Enable WebEngage on the dashboard: WebEngage lets you create real time notifications for your visitors. You can use this to target your notifications to a particular audience. Say, exclusive offers only to regular customers or discounts to new visitors.

10. Integrate Zopim’s Live Chat for your online store: Zopim lets you integrate live chat for your online stores. You can use the live chat feature to help your visitors on your website, from assisting them around the store to find stuff to chatting them up about news of your brand and establishing a healthy customer relation with them. 

What other features do you use on your Zepo dashboard? How well do they work for you/ Would you like to see some other feature go live on Zepo? Drop us a line in the comments below. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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