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How to increase online sales from existing customers

Don’t we just love it when our customers keep coming back, wanting more. So much love and appreciation!

It is easier to boost your sales by encouraging repeat purchases than trying to acquire new customers, which may take a while longer.

Check out the tips and tricks below to know how you can keep getting your customers back!

1. Loyalty Programs: When you go to the store you regularly buy from – you are greeted by a smile and a regular discount! Reward your loyal customers by giving them exclusive discount coupons or special deals. This makes customers feel special and they value your attention. 

2. Include vouchers and discounts in your shipments: Something innovative that some store owners have been doing – include exclusive discount coupons and gift vouchers in shipments that you send out to your regular customers. This makes them want to come back and redeem the discounts. You can also use this to create repeat customers.

3. Use and create Discount Coupons: Try innovative ways to best use discounts from your Zepo dashboard. Create discount coupons for special occasions like Halloween and Diwali, your brand’s anniversary or when promoting new products.

4. Effectively use banners to promote your store: Banners on your online store are like flexes that you see in physical stores. They immediately catch a customer’s attention. So make sure you regularly use and update your store banners to highlight your products, announce sales, arrival of new products, upcoming events or anything else.

5. Run Promotional Sale & Discount Campaigns Regularly: Creating promotional sales for your online stores on a regular basis brings in a good amount of business. And especially so when it promoted well- use banners on your online store, promote the sale on social media are some ways. Someone who regularly visits your online store would definitely be tempted to purchase when he/she knows of new sales. 

6. Offer free shipping: A poll that we conducted on Facebook convinced us that “Free Shipping” offered by stores is one of the greatest temptations for people to shop online. But this is only if you afford to offer free shipping. Try and include the shipping cost in the total price – and show free shipping.

7. Make it personal: Something that we learned from our store owners is when you make a purchase personal, people tend to become loyal customers. Some of the things you can try are when you send out shipment, send out a hand written note alongwith it, or give them a call to follow up after delivery or wish them on their birthdays and definitely remember their names!

8. Re-marketing to keep yourself visible: Keeping your brand visible is a very important factor for sales. You need to keep reminding your customers about your products but frankly, don’t bombard their inboxes. Catch them up on whats new on your online stores by sending our emails or SMSes. –

Also, you can follow up with your customers in certain scenarios – if a customer has left without completing his purchase; or if a customer has just registered but didn’t happen to buy anything. 

9. Run a deal every day: There is no resource on our dashboard to enable this, but you can create daily deals and promote the same through banners on your online store and on social media. Social media is the best way to promote all your promotional drives.

10. Use WebEngage notifications to push your products: Do you want to show discounts only to your regular customers? Enable WebEngage on your Zepo dashboard. Customize your notifications – offer discounts to regular customers, show best selling products to new visitors, offer a minimum discount to someone who’s been on your store for more than 5 mins.

11. Run promotions (with WebEngage) on your checkout page to reduce abandoned cartsAbandoned carts are one of the most frustrating things to see as a store owner. Why wouldn’t the customer just complete the purchase? There are alot of reasons for abandoned carts, and sometimes all the customer needs is a little push, a little incentive to go through with buying your products. Target all such customers with WebEngage and shoot them promotional offers on your checkout page. Like a 10% discount or a free gift.  

Did you try any of the above ways? How was the response? Drop us a line in the comments and share your experience. Or know of a better way to increase repeat purchases? Share it with our readers in the comments below!

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  • Thank you for the compliment. Yes, loyalty programs are indeed a great way to increase online sales. Thank you for suggesting us your website. We will go over it share it with our customers accordingly.