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Ways to Increase Online Sales


You have already managed to successfully complete one uphill task of opening an online store. And the journey has been fun! You’ve done great so far and seen good response on your store. But wouldn’t it be great to drive better traffic and boost your sales?

Opening up an online store is not enough. You have to let the world know about it.

Sadly, shouting from rooftops isn’t possible! But there are other ways. And trust us, it is not all that difficult. We are going to take you through a list of ways that will help you to get a word out about your brand. And also help you to increase sales on your online stores.

But there is a slight hiccup. It is a rather exhaustive list, so to make it easier for you, we’ve categorized it into 3 major sections.

Section 1: How to find new customers and increase online sales

  1. Send out regular newsletters
  2. List on other marketplace sites
  3. Distribute Gift Vouchers / Discount Coupons
  4. Write a Blog for your business & about what interests your target audience
  5. Use Social Media
  6. List on Product Comparison sites
  7. Promote Offline at every possible place
  8. Optimize for Search Engines
  9. Get Featured on other blogs
  10. Paid Online Advertisements
  11. Run referral programs and promotional drives
  12. Advertise with affiliate ad networks
  13. Advertise on Facebook & apply for free $50 ad coupon for small businesses

Section 2: How to increase online sales from existing customers

  1. Loyalty Programs
  2. Include vouchers and discounts in your shipments
  3. Use and create discount coupons on your Zepo dashboard
  4. Effectively use banners to promote your store
  5. Run promotional sale & discount campaigns regularly
  6. Offer free shipping
  7. Make it personal
  8. Re-market to keep yourself visible
  9. Run a deal every day
  10. Use WebEngage notifications to push your products
  11. Run promotions (with WebEngage) on your checkout page to reduce abandoned carts
  12. Run regular offline marketing programs

Section 3: How to increase online sales by optimally using your Zepo dashboard features

  1. Upload great looking product photos
  2. Write better product descriptions
  3. Use “You may also like”
  4. Mark your featured products
  5. SEO optimized static pages
  6. Create email signup forms on your store to always keep in touch with your customers
  7. Link back to your online store
  8. Allow customer comments / reviews
  9. Optimize your banners
  10. Use WebEngage feedback feature on your Zepo dashboard 
  11. Integrate Zopim’s Live Chat for your online store

Now let us get into the detail of each trick & tip- click on the section links to read in brief about each point mentioned. We will keep writing a detailed post about each point in the 3 sections, elaborating on each and adding tutorials wherever necessary. So you can subscribe to the blog to keep yourself updated about every new post in this series that gets published.


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