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iCubesWire Affiliate Marketing for your Online Store

Q: What is iCubesWire and the affiliate marketing program?

A: iCubesWire is an affiliate marketing network. iCubes advertises your online store to the relevant online audience by various means like newsletter, banners on affiliate networks, etc helping you get more sales on your website. 

Q: How will iCubeswire charge me for the marketing?

A: The best part of this program is that they would charge you only when they get you a sale. This type of advertising is called Pay Per Performance and they will charge you 15-20% per sale depending upon your product category and the stage of your business. 

Q: How do I integrate the campaign with my Online Store?

A: To start your iCubes account, give Aditya at iCubesWire a call. His number is +91 93106 32288. Please do mention that you are a Zepo customer.

Thereon, Aditya will guide you as to how to go about opening your A/C and integrating iCubes on your online store.

Whom can I get in touch with incase I encounter some problem?

You can get in touch with Aditya from iCubesWire at +91 9310632288, if you need assistance. 

With so many features and programs available for help with marketing, starting an online business has never been easier. So why not give Zepo a try and start your online store in the next 5 mins.

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