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Live Chat for E-Commerce Sites: Boost Sales and Customer Satisfaction

The live chat application on online stores in no more a thing of the past; it has moved past being a trend and is now looked upon as an essential part of customer service on online stores.  

An online chat acts pretty much like a store attendant in a physical store. From improving customer interaction and customer satisfaction, to helping the visitor find his/her way around the online store, and building a rapport with your visitors – the live chat will help you sail through all of this. 

Zopim is one such live chat application which easily embeds on your online store and allows you to have real-time conversations with your visitors. 

Check out the video to know more about how Zopim can help you hold back interested visitors to your website, have conversations with them and improve customer satisfaction. 

Zopim offers a free forever plan, the details of which are as follows. You can find out more about the plan here.

Zopim Free PlanLiteNo. of Agents1No. of Concurrent Chats1Chat History14-day chat history

And so, to help you charm all your visitors into loyal patrons of your brand, we have integrated Zopim for all online stores. And here’s how you can go ahead and start using Zopim for your store:

Part 1: On Zopim

1. Go to Zopim and sign up for the free account.

2. You will receive an email with the URL and credentials to your Zopim dashboard.

3. Go to your Zopim dashboard and login using the credentials you received in your email.

4. On your Zopim dashboard, go to Widget under Settings.

5. Now click on the “Embed Widget on my site” option.

6. You will see an embed code below, copy the complete code and paste it to Notepad.

Part 2: On your Zepo dashboard

1. Now log in to your Zepo store dashboard.

2. Go to Settings » Advanced features.

3. Scroll down to Zopim and turn the app on.

4. Copy the Zopim Embed Code that you just pasted in Notepad. 

5. Paste the entire code in the “Your Zopim Embed Code” box.

6. Click Save.

Now when you open your store, you will see the chat box at the bottom right hand side.

And so that you never lose out on having a conversation with your visitors, you can:

1. Link your Zopim A/C to your GTalk account.

2. Or link Zopim chats to your phone. Either through their iOS mobile app (download here) or your GTalk app. 

Go on now! Start chatting with your visitors. They have been waiting to talk to you. 

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  • Mary Thornton

    We at decided to add a live chat feature to our website about half a year ago and tested a few apps before making our decision. We liked the design of Zopim and Chatra the most, and they made it to the final round 🙂 What we liked about Zopim is the visitor visualization that Chatra doesn’t have. But Chatra support rep recommended us to use the proactive chat invitations that make the window pop up automatically on certain pages. It seemed interesting and we spent about an hour thinking of the texts for different sections. And the actual setup took us only several minutes. We were getting the same amount of chats with those automatic invitations like we did when we started a conversation manually in Zopim, but we did not have to spend time looking on whom to chat with and could focus on other tasks. After doing a couple more tests, we chose Chatra and are still using it on our website. It works very smooth and for sure helps to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

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