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Distribute Coupons Online: List of Coupon and Deal Sites in India

I had ordered a t-shirt from one of my favourite t-shirt designer and it came in this morning. Needless to say, I was absolutely delighted to receive the t-shirt! But what got me more excited than the t-shirt was this small piece of paper which announced to me that I would get a Rs. 75 off on my next purchase! I mean how cool is that? And even without saying it, you know I must have placed an order the next minute.

That’s how tempting discount coupons are! You must yourself have experienced the lure to use discount coupons and shop during sales. So why not woo your customers with the same. 🙂

You already have the liberty to create discount coupons for your online store through the Zepo dashboard. Now all you need to do is distribute the same, so that it lands straight in the hands of your customers. Online discount coupons is great marketing arsenal which when executed well, can really up your online sales.

There are alot of ways you can distribute your coupons online.

  1. Send them out in emails or with your newsletters
  2. Put them up on your blog
  3. Distribute them through your social media pages
  4. Distribute them on the web – coupon sites, deal sites, recharge sites

The first 3 can be easily managed from your end. As for distributing your discount coupons online, there are several free and inexpensive ways to do so, through the kind of websites mentioned.

And that is why we aggregated a list of all such sites for you, to help you distribute your coupons and offers!

Recharge Sites:


1. Free Charge

2. Mobi Kwik

4. Recharge it Now

5. Just Recharge It

6. Easy Mobile Recharge

Deal Sites:


1. Deals and You

2. Snapdeal

3. Deal Drums

4. My Dala

5. So Sasta

6. Khojguru

7. Aaj ka Catch

8. Bindaas Bargain

9. Masti Deals

10. Buzz in Town

11. Deal Magic

12. 24 Hours Loot

13. Times Deal

14. Tol Mol

15. Freeclues

Coupon Sites:


1. Kooponwala

2. Coupon Codes for India

3. Groupon India

4. Retail Me Not

5. CupoNation

6. 27 Coupons

7. Coupon Hero

8. Coupon Dunia

9. Price Burp

10. Coupon Raja

11. Coupon Codes India

12. Desi Dime

13. Coupon Album

14. Coupon Centre

15. Coupon Codes 4 U

16. Coupon Codes Bazaar

17. Coupon Codes N Offers

18. Coupon Low

19. Coupon Mamu

20. Coupon Mania

21. Coupon Myntra

22. Coupon Plaza

23. Coupon Refund

24. Coupon Zoot

25. Coupons N Offers

26. Deals Pick

27. India Coupons

28. My Smart Price

29. I Coupon Codes India

30. Just Pay Less

31. Shoppal

32. Couponz Guru

33. Coupon Rani

34. Coupon Daddy

35. FlipIt

36. EverySaving

37. Compare Raja

38. 33Coupons

PS. Did we miss any? Drop us a word in the comments below and we’ll include them too. 

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Tanya Rao

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  • Lisa Smith

    That’s the best info Zepo, One may not shop but who would like to shop will always look for the discount and for that sort of people, your list is a magic tool. Change is good in many cases and yes, for a change I would like to try the well-known stores from your list to order by best choice. I always prefer a good site where I won’t find some unwanted adds or pop us, which will confuse me or take me out of my aim. I have recently gone through a site, which is different from all the other sites I checked. Everything I found on this site is a lot more unique, Including its name, UI and colors. That is ”“, you can also try if you would like to. Cheers!

  • D.k. Sharma

    Hi Zepo,

    Also mention Sodexo Food Coupons….!

    Sodexo is doing very good job in india. With Sodexo meal benefits program or Food Coupons, you can control your spending on lunch time and get quality food.

    You can the vouchers on different outlets. So don’t waste your time, apply sodexo meal pass or meal coupons and control your spending on lunch.

  • Sam

    Hi Zepo,
    I personally use some other sites which are not listed in this 2013 collection. But I must say you have provided many other options for the shopping lovers. With the passing time, there are many changes in the coupons usage as well. There are many coupon sites came into the picture. I personally use the coupon sites like Couponzeta, coupondunia and other sites sometimes but my choice will always be because I found this store useful with the information it provides about the coupon. Now after seeing your list, I wish to go through all of them once for a change.

  • Deepak kadam

    Hi, has also great discounts coupons and deals. this is leading cashback website

  • anshu sharma

    hey one more cashback online shopping site is there . offering coupon codes, discount offers on every transaction

  • Saanvika Reddy

    Hi Zepo, We are from We are bringing fresh and new ways in coupon industry. Soon we will hit market aggressively . Add Our Website to this list.

  • Hi Alex,

    We shall include this the next time we update our lists.

  • i dont think snapdeal lets you list your coupons

  • Sohini Roy

    Great list!

    Please provide some information about cashback sites too. These
    gives extra benefits. Recently came across . Believe me. It’s amazing.

    • Hi Sohini,

      Glad you liked the post. We will be compiling a review of Cashback sites as well soon!

  • Kaarthick R

    Hi Tanya,

    You missed out Please add it when you update next time.
    I personally use this site for my online shopping and recharges.Though its a new coupon site,they are selective and list the best.As they state “Find all coupons categorizing from ‘A’ to ‘Z’.” they do provide and are helpful for on-line shoppers.


  • Abhilash Jha

    Please add this site . We Provides latest Coupon Codes,
    Promo Code and Deals of all major Indian Stores/ Brands. The works
    with 100s of Indian Stores/Brands, compile the latest coupons which helps to
    save your money.

    • Hi Abhilash,

      We will be sure to include this the next time we update this blog post.
      – Team Zepo

  • Hi Sonali,

    We shall surely keep this in mind when we come out with our next series.
    – Team Zepo

  • Thanks for writing in. We will surely look to add this the next time we update this list.
    – Team Zepo.

  • Hi Amitesh,

    We shall surely update this when we come up with a new list. Do let us know if you find any other good sites.
    – Team Zepo

  • Hi Umang

    We’d be very soon updating this blog. We’ll check this site out for sure. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Nobel kansal

    Hello Tanya, Add in your list. This is also a great coupons & deal site in India.

  • There are many famous sites tgat you forgot to add. Hope you add them soon. I have also find a new website which is offering all free recharge tricks, coupons and deals at right time. Check this out –

    • Hi Narinder

      We’ll be soon updating the blog.

  • George

    very nice info… Deals in India

  • For verified day to day top coupons and deals, please visit –

  • Thanks for sharing lists of coupon websites.

  • Anil Gohil

    Greeaaat post Tanya, Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re most welcome Anil. Glad to be of help.

  • Freeclues

    FreeClues is another India’s most popular coupon code website that offers latest deals/coupons. It is Coupon sites CMS that offer users to submit coupons/deals and allow user to track their daily coupon click, votes. Allow visitor to direct contact to users.User can give cashback and much more..Go give it a try! click here to know more freeclues

  • adsforme2007

    i found lot of best and latest offers, deals at and facebook page

    • Thanks for dropping in a word!

  • Thanks for the addition Rishi. We’ll check them out too.

  • Thank you for sharing with us Kaushik.

  • Thank you. We will check it out and update our list accordingly 🙂

  • You are most welcome Vivek.

  • You are welcome.

  • Thank you for the suggestion Vivek. We will check out the site and add it to our list accordingly.

  • We are sorry about that Umesh. Will keep it in mind.

  • Thank you Anupriya. We will check out the site and add it to our list accordingly.

  • Thank you for the compliment Umesh. We will check out and add it to our list accordingly. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • I think you forget to add that is also great coupon site in India.

    • Thank you for the suggestion Jessy. We will check it out and add it to our list accordingly.

  • Chandan

    why don’t you include in your list.

    • Hi Chandan,

      Thanks for the suggestion. We will check it out and update our list accordingly 🙂

  • Hi Jugal,

    We are happy that the information was useful for you. We will check out the website and add to our list accordingly. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Hi Nikhil,

    Thank you for the suggestion. We will check out the site and update our list accordingly.

  • Hi Anil,

    Thank you for the suggestion. But our list is for coupons for ecommerce websites. A cell phone recharge site will not fit in.

  • Dinesh, the comment was not removed, but was not replied to by us. We have now approved it and replied to it. 🙂

    • Dinesh Singh

      I’m so sorry for the miscommunication 🙂


      • No Problem 🙂

  • Thank you for the compliment Dinesh. We will definitely check out What the Coupon and add it to the list accordingly 🙂

  • Maam, We are running a coupon site to save money for the consumers. Add our site it may be helpful for buyers. Thank you.

    • Hi Bala,

      Thank you for the suggestion. We will look into it and update the list accordingly.

  • Thank you for the suggestion Srinivas. We will look into it and update the list accordingly.

  • Thank for sharing Lavanya.

  • David Roger

    I find
    as one of the best online places to find genuine online mobile recharge
    coupons for a range of products & plus point is this recharge is work from any where place in the worldwide!

    • Thank you for the suggestion David. We will check the site and add to the list accordingly.

  • Devarayan Padmanaban

    I used it also provides coupons and its completely free is a great thing.

    • Thank you for the suggestion Devarayan. We will check it out and update the list accordingly.

  • Thank you for sharing the coupon with our readers.

  • Thank you Lavanya. I am sure buyers will benefit from it.

  • Thanks for writing to us. We will check it out and add it to the list accordingly.

  • Thanks for sharing the article with us Jai.

  • Arjun Kumar

    You are missed the coupon site

    • Thanks for dropping in a word, Arjun.

  • Thank you Jai. We will surely check it out 🙂

  • I would like to add these sites to this list : } For reachrge coupons } For clothing & electronics } As the name suggests, this is for faadoo deals only.

  • Hi Sanjeev,

    Thanks for dropping in a word. We’ll have a look at the website, and update the same.

  • Kapil

    Hi There,
    Check out for coupon site or where registered users can submit their own coupon codes.

    • Hi Kapil,

      Thanks for brining them to our notice. We’ll have a look and update accordingly.

  • Hi Jai,

    Thanks for the update. Will take care of the same.

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  • You’re welcome FreeClues! All the best.

  • Sure. Will pass on your request to our content team.

  • jairam chakravarthi

  • Sure Rahul.

  • jeetudigit

    Hi Tanya, you missed the growing Free deals and Discount coupons website in india.

    • Thanks for the update Jeetu, will add them in.

  • rahul

    Hi. recently i came across this site. , Its a online deals site which gets the best deals available in the eCommerce site. I found it useful, So would like to share my experience. I use to visit it once or twice a day to ensure that I dont miss anything

  • Hi Nitin,

    It’s done.

  • Hi Nitin,

    You’re now live on the blog post. Cheers! 🙂

  • Hi there,

    Every coupon site has their own listing process. We suggest you go to the website of your choice and look at their procedure.

  • Thanks for the update Kavi.

  • Thanks for dropping in a word! Would definitely include the same.

  • Hi Monish,

    Don’t have much expertise in the domain. We’d suggest you talk to founders of other coupon sites to get more insight into this.

  • share & earn.A new CMS to work on coupon deals website.Register and get start earning.

    • Interesting design. What CMS are you using?

  • Hi Justus,

    Have added FlipIt to the post. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Justus

    Hey Guys, Interesting to see how big the couponing market is in India, evolving each year with new competitors! Could you add to the list as well? It is a couponing website active in over 20 countries which entered the Indian market one year ago and is growing rapidly.

  • newforall
  • danesh is not mention above. That is also great website for Deals and cupons…

  • Olivia Dunham……Best website to save your money

  • Nice collection of websites.
    Please also add
    Coz it has a wide variety of discount coupons….

  • Sumit Ji

    Nice List of Coupon website. Please add Coupon new website in the list.

  • nice list..
    some new sites need to be added
    add this site
    This is a cashback & free coupon site.
    At CouponChaska you get a Instant Mobile Recharge as cashback on every shopping.

  • Tamir from International Coupons group! Best UX and UE ever

  • R.K. Willis

    Hey guys, awesome list! Very comprehensive. It’s so good how massively coupon sites are revolutionising online shopping. Power to the online customer! Pop on the end as well if you see fit. Keep up the good work!

    • Sure R.K, will have a look at the same. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Rakesh
    This is one the fastest growing coupon and deals site

  • Sure Joel.

  • Joel Mishra

    Hello Team,

    Thats a nice break up of the leading coupons. Can you also share some of the new entries like ? Thanks!

  • Hi Nitin,

    Thanks for writing in. Will pass on the same to my team and we’ll include you in the list.

  • Hello Team Zepo! which was launched recently is also a great coupon site listing over 250 stores with tested and verified coupons. EverySaving is a part of an International startup, which also operates in Germany, The Netherlands, France and various other European countries.

    Disclaimer – I work for

  • annu

    You missed in your List. Its a deals and coupons website as well as you can get cash back too.

  • Prasad Reddy

    Hi zepo Team. We are from We have listed 1500+ e-commerce stores. we are Promoting new stores through social media for free. can you recommend to e-commerce stores we will help to them get branding & sales .
    Reach me for more information.

  • rahul … Its nice

  • Shweta

    Hi there,
    Thanks for putting this together. I came across It seems to be clean site listing only ladies specific deals. – regards sh

  • Meenu

    Woww nice list of websites. Will definitely check each one of
    them next time while doing online shopping. Great Work 🙂

    I think you should visit

    They also have some amazing deals that buyers would love 🙂

  • Prasad

    There is one more coupon site you missed, its

  • jay

    how can i list coupon of my website

  • Tarun Kumar

    Thank you for list, another growing coupon and deals website is for Indians

    • Hi Tarun,

      Thanks for dropping in a word.

  • Rahul Pahwa

    Get Latest Coupons and Deals at

  • Sindhuri Suresh

    Great list! Another great option for online recharge is have found them to be quite reliable!

    • Hi Sindhuri,

      Thanks for the update. Will give them a look.

  • prasanthp18
    you missed its coming up with new awards to customers who transact through us

    • Hi Prasanth,

      Thanks for dropping in a word.

  • Mahavir
    • Hi Mahavir,

      Thanks for the update. We’ll include them in our post update.

    • AJ

      How to list our products on this website, there is no contact information provided on the website.

  • Thanks for the update Vikram. We are looking at updating our list. Would definitely include these in the new update.

  • Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the update. The site does look interesting. We will update the post soon and definitely include these suggestions.

  • Vikram

    Addition to the list:

  • Manish Pandey

    Hi Tanya,
    Would suggest a new addition to this list. The site is called
    Hope you like it and consider to add it.

  • seo nitin

    thanks update to coupon site list.

  • Ajay Dumasiya

    Thanks for sharing this amazing list. Finds it very useful.

  • Vinamra, Maayra

    Hi Team

    Most of the coupon sites ask us to put a link of their coupon site somewhere down on on the home page. How do we do that?

    • Hi Vinamra,

      You can do the same by using the Third Party Javascript advanced feature on your Zepo dashboard.

      As an example, here is an online store which is doing the same:

  • priya

    Coupondesh is now
    You can edit the same.

    • Hi Priya,

      Thanks for the update. The link and name has been changed accordingly.

  • Shopping4online

    this is great list of Deals,Coupon and Recharge Site …..

    • Thanks Pravin!

  • navdeep

    Please add into your list

  • Aditya

    Hi. May I request you to add to your list. It is one of the trusted couponing sites in India.

  • rajendrareddy
  • raman