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Online Shopping: List of Product Comparison Sites in India

How many mobile phones have you compared online before actually making the purchase? Or even, compared car models to see which has the best features and fits your pocket the best? Plenty of times, right.

With everyone in a great hurry nowadays and over that, the itch to find the best deals on a purchase, people are flocking to product comparison websites. And not only do the shoppers get a chance to checkout multiple products under the same roof but also compare prices and buy what suits their pocket the best. 

What’s in it for you, as a retailer?

As an online retailer, you need to make sure that you are always discoverable and visible when your customer is looking for you. Be it on search engines, on marketplaces or elsewhere.

We already wrote about how you can increase your visibility on search engines and a list of online marketplaces you can sell on.

And today we are listing for you product comparison websites in India, where you can upload and list your products for free. And give shoppers another chance to know about your brand and your products!

How does a product comparison website function? 


These websites are based on a very simple model. You register with them as a seller and you upload you products on their website. After which, all interested shoppers will be redirected to your online store to complete the purchase. And you will be charged on a Pay Per Performance basis. Important thing to note here is that, the product comparison website will not and does not act a point of sale. And that it will redirect all traffic to your online store to complete the purchase.

1. Junglee

Junglee is Amazon’s first venture into India. It is a product comparison site which boasts of listing over 2 cr. products over 25 categories. And it’s in the Top 10 E-Commerce Portals (by traffic) in India.

For sellers, looking to list products on Junglee, click here.

PS. Zepo has tied up with Amazon to provide all store owners the chance to list their products for FREE on Junglee. More about it here.

2. Naaptol 


Naaptol, since its inception in 2008, has grown to be India’s largest comparison based social shopping portal.

For merchants and retailers, you first need to register yourself on Naaptol using the contact form (click here) providing them your company details. More information about how to list on Naaptol, can be sought from the customer care officer at +91 92235 16148.

3. Price Dekho 


Price Dekho comes from the same banner that created the more popular, It boasts of providing comparison and listing of over 3 million products from over 1000 local and online retailers.

For retailers and sellers, you can e e-mail them at Or you can call them on +91 9001566888.

4. Where to Buy 


Where-to-Buy is India’s largest shopping search engine. All you need to do is register yourself for free and list your products on the website.

For vendors looking to register, click here.

5. Tol Mol 


Tol Mol is a another product comparison site where you can list your products for free and the shoppers can buy from your directly. Once you have started listing your products on Tol Mol, you can track your leads & inventory and pay for only qualified leads & referrals.

For more information on Tol Mol’s seller centre, click here. And to add you store, click here.

6. Shop Mania 


ShopMania is a price comparison system and a shopping portal which is based on the Pay Per Performance model; which means that you only pay them when they refer a potential customer to you. You can find out about their rates here. And for more information on how to go about listing your products on the site, you can visit their Merchant Page.

7. Prices Bolo 


As of now, Price Bolo is operational only in Bangalore. For more information on how to go about listing your store on the website, you can give them a call on +91-080-22114675 or email them at

8. Compare the Bazaar 


ComparetheBazaar connects vendors and buyers, connecting both with product price comparison. Again, a website based on the Pay Per Performance model, you will have to pay them only for the leads to your store. Otherwise, uploading and listing your products is free of cost. You can find out more information about their Merchant Model here.

9. Shop at India


Shop@India is a shopping-related platform which also provides details of local businesses and where one can get those products and services.To find out more about them or to get your products listed, shoot them an email at

10. Price Bag Price baba

PriceBag is a price comparison site mostly used for comparing prices for mobiles, tablets, laptops and other gadgets online. To get your products listed on their site, you can give them a call at +91-124-4091111 or mail them at

11. Price Treepricetree

Price Tree not only allows you to compare the prices of products across online stores, it has a coupon section wherein you can get the best discount offers across many online sellers. Pricetree allows comparison of products like Mobiles, Regfrigerators, Computers, books, cameras, etc. You can contact them by filling out the form here.

12. Find Yogifind yogi

FindYogi product comparison site, which lists electronics like mobiles, laptops, cameras and tablets. Even though it is relatively new, it has grown at a steady rate and caters to a good number of online shoppers. To get your products listed on their website, you can drop them a word at

13. Compare Rajacompareraja logo

Compare Raja lists and compares products in various categories such as electronics, clothes, accessories and more between major marketplaces. They have an accessible mobile app which increases the ease of use. They also offer discount coupons on many products. You can contact them via

We hope the list was helpful! Are you an entrepreneur looking to start your own online business? Look no further! Give Zepo a try and start your online store in the next 5 mins.

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    Zepo stores may signup on Dotmic’s free store submission portal.Its free and there is no manual data feed, the products gets listed automatically

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    Personally feel the list is a bit outdated. There are so many new price comparision websites along with a few old one which it seems have been missed out entirely. To list a few that have been missed out are , and There are many others as well. A couple of them works across categories and caters to almost all the online retailers out there.

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