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Online Customer Feedback & Survey helps Improve Conversion

Have you noticed the pop-up boxes that open up at the bottom of the screen when you are booking tickets online?

“Save upto Rs. 500 on a round trip booking. Use code-CD5689”

“Republic Day offer: Get Rs.800 cashback on domestic flights. Use code- AB1234”

Smart marketing tactics aren’t they? It makes a shopper stick and complete the purchase and also keep coming back again for more.

Wouldn’t it be super awesome if you could have the same for your online stores too? Post real-time notifications for shoppers on your online store, offering discounts to regular customers, showing best selling products to new visitors or offering a minimum discount to someone who’s been on your store for more than 5 mins.

And for this purpose we have integrated the WebEngage widget to provide you features like feedbacksurvey and real-time notifications for your online stores.

A great marketing tool for lead generation and providing customer support, apart from a live chat on your online store, can be through a Online Feedback or Survey feature.

Here’s how the 3 above mentioned WebEngage features can help improve conversions and increase customer engagement.

You can easily integrate the WebEngage widget on your online store through the Zepo dashboard. The steps for the same are mentioned below.

Part 1: On WebEngage

1. Go to WebEngage and sign up for the free account.

2. You will get a verification email. Click on the link you received in your email to verify your account.

3. That link will redirect you to your WebEngage Dashboard. Enter your store URL (example: http://www. company_name. in)  in the Site Details tab and Save.

4. Now your WebEngage License Code will get generated. You can find the code in the Widget Integration tab, at the  bottom. Copy the code and paste it to Notepad.

Part 2: On your Zepo Dashboard

1. Log on to your Zepo dashboard.

2. Go to Settings » Advanced Features.

3. On the Advanced Features page, turn on the WebEngage app.

4. Paste the License Code you generated above in the WebEngage License Code field.

5. Click Save.

PS. WebEngage has 3 features rolled into the widget,  under the free plan, viz. Feedback, Survey and Notification. You can choose what all features to turn on in the “Choose Features” tab. You can choose the alignment of your features from your dashboard.

Tell us about how taking feedback has helped you improve your stores? Or how pushing real-time notifications has helped you up your online sales?

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