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E-Commerce Marketing: How to Write a Blog for your Business

If your brand were a human with a personality and an attitude, then your brand’s blog is the voice!

Your blog is the one place you can communicate with your audience, engage in dialogue and create engagement. 

“Consumers like to buy products from business owners who are relatable, and a blog for your business is the perfect venue for this.”

Now answering one of the many questions in your head, the reason why you should write a blog for your brand is simple – to keep your existing customers engaged and informed, and to generate more business by acquiring new customers. 

So the importance of writing a blog for your business is clear, but where should you start from? You may have a lot of questions and reservations about starting your blog. Below we have answered some of them for you, so that you find yourself a starting point. Hope it helps!

1. Whom are you writing the blog for? 

Picture your audience in your head. Pick one person in your mind and write the blog as if you are having a conversation with that person. 

2. How should you write the blog?

The do’s and don’ts of writing a blog for your business:

Dos Don’ts
Create interesting and shareable content. Don’t just put in just facts and figures
in your blog and make it sound like another Wikipedia article.
Tackle your readers’ problems and give them solutions. Don’t write about your life story or sell your brand.
If they want to know about your business, they can find it on your website.
Give examples, write anecdotes and share interesting stories. Don’t write for the sake of filling content.
If you can’t find time to blog, hire a ghost-writer.
Create value by writing about stuff that matters to them. Don’t be inconsistent. Set realistic goals for the number of
posts you can manage in a week.
Write regularly. Decide on the number of posts you can
do in a week (say 2 a week), and stick to that.
Don’t post copied content. Be original.
Ask questions. Encourage discussion.
Have conversations.
Don’t write very lengthy or word heavy posts.
Be concise and precise.
Keep it current and relevant to your business.
If you are sharing someone else’s work,
make sure to credit them and inform them.

3. What should you write about?

Here is a list of topics to get you started on your blog.
  1. Top 10 lists
  2. Dos and Don’ts
  3. Interviews
  4. Pick 20 common problems and write a how-to-fix-it blog of 500 words on each.
  5. Your industry trends
  6. Upcoming events in your industry
  7. Tips and tricks
4. What more can you do with your blog?

There are a lot of innovative things you can try with your blog, apart from keeping it all text and writing. Here is a list of some ideas you can try implementing on your blog. 

  1. Invite guest posts
  2. Build ad partners
  3. Run contests on your blog
  4. Back linking with other blogs: Ask a blogger in your niche, if they’d be willing to put a backlink to your blog and return the favour by doing the same.
  5. Promote your blog: Update about your posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter. Include the blog in any newsletters that you send out. Include links in your forum discussions. Add links to new blog posts in your email signatures. Have your blog mentioned on your business cards, flyers, banners at events, etc. 
5. How to track traffic on your blog?

Writing a blog isn’t enough. You should be able to track growth of your blog, to see where majority of your traffic is coming in from or which of your posts are doing best. Google Analytics lets you tracking your blog on popular platforms. Follow the link to integrate Analytics with your blog. 

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PS. Do you write a blog for your business? Share your blog with us. We’d love to read what you are writing about!

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