Apart from providing online stores to entrepreneurs, Zepo is actually teaching them on how to do online business. Fantastic work guys!! So, I think I can ask this question: To courier the products, we would need to pack it as well so that Bluedart can pick it up from the warehouse and deliver it to the customer. So who are the good players in the market who can provide us with the cheap and effective packaging solutions. You may in fact, write a blog post on it :)

Thank you so much, for such generous appreciation! 😀

As for packaging of your products, we don’t have much information regarding the same. But you just gave us a brilliant idea for a blog post (thanks! 🙂 ). So we will get on it and try and gather as much knowledge as we can about good packaging players in the market. You can definitely look forward to an extensive and interesting post on the blog, soon. 

Drop us your email id, and we’ll keep you updated and in the loop.


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