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DIY Tools & Tips to Design a Logo for your ECommerce Business

You already have thought of a great name for your business and probably have the most amazing tagline to go with it. Now all you need to do is think about how you want to represent your brand  visually. And how do we establish that? A brand logo is what comes to your rescue. Designing a logo for your brand is a justified step in trying to establish an identity for your brand.

Designing a logo can be fun, but it definitely is not something that happens overnight. It takes patience, research and good constructive criticism to come up with the best. Afterall, the logo will be everywhere and forever.

Let’s get started then. Since alot of you folks are fiercely independent and like doing things on your own, here are some DIY online tools to help you design your logo, rigthaway.

1. LogoMaker

2. LogoChefs

3. LogoYes

4. LogoSnap

5. GraphicSprings

If you are looking for some inspiration, don’t look any further ahead. Here’s a collection of some of the brands online on Zepo.


So now that all the ground work is done, the real work of designing the logo begins. When you get to designing the logo, there are a few things to be kept in mind. Here are the guidelines that you can stick by.

Dos Don’ts
Choose a legible font with clean and neat curves so
that it is legible even in small sizes.
Don’t rely on trend or put elements that
may go out of fashion as the trend fades away.
Keep the logos simple. Logos should be extremely clear
and visible even if scaled down.
Don’t use stock images since they aren’t unique images
and are available to everyone.
Keep it minimalistic and subtract unnecessary elements. Don’t add too many details since it can make the logo
look smudged or even worse, a mistake when scaled down.
Try and re-align your logo into a square for smaller spaces
and different situations.
Don’t stick to only text or icons.
Try a mix of both.
Re-arrange your logo into a square for smaller spaces
and different situations.
Don’t start with a 3D version of the logo.
Create a 2D artwork of your logo before and if you want a 3D logo.
Start with black and white. If the logo conveys the brand image
and message in greyscale, go ahead and color it up!
Keep it current and relevant to your business.

Were these tips helpful? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below. Or if you need any points clarified.

This post was first published on Wireless Duniya.

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