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Does Zepo also help with Online Marketing for my eCommerce Store?


More often than not, our clients have asked us this – “Setting up an online store is easy. But what do I do about marketing my ecommerce site? Does Zepo help with internet marketing too?”

So without sugar coating our answer, NO, we do not help market your online stores. But we do provide many apps, tools and benefits which you can use to market your website.


Because, as your technology partner, our primary responsibility remains to help you open and operate your stores as smoothly as possible. We focus on the things we do best, which is the creation and continuous improvement of an amazingly easy-to-use software platform. We partner with the best-in-the-industry companies to create an entire e-commerce ecosystem for you.

We do not pretend to offer a marketing solution, as that is not what we do best. But at the same time, marketing is surely one of the 4 pillars of any ecommerce business. When you start your online store, there are the 4 things you need to back your business:

1. Technology: Includes technology solutions for managing your online store’s front-end and back-end. Where your front-end includes your storefront, product pages and your back-end is your dashboard from where you manage your inventory and orders.

2. Payment Gateway: Enabling you to accept online payments from your customers, be it through credit/debit cards or net banking options.

3. Logistics: So you can manage and courier your orders smoothly and at better rates. And ensure that your products reach timely and in the best possible state.

4. Marketing: To promote and advertise your store to bring as many visitors on your site. Because more traffic means more conversions to sales.

Zepo helps you in definite ways with the first three pillars:

1. The Best Technology: Giving you amazing, user-friendly and fast stores + an easy-to-use back-end dashboard to manage it all.

2. Free Payment Gateway:  Providing you with a free payment gateway, so you can accept online payments on your site. Details here.

3. Reliable Logistics Assistance: We have partnered with AVN, to get you pick-up and courier services at special rates. Details here.

However, we  do offer you many handy tools and sound advice to help you with the online marketing of your store.

1. Free Google Ads Credits: Now when you sign up with Zepo, you get free AdWords coupons worth Rs. 2500 or Rs.5000, depending on your plan, to market your website. Run ads on Google for your target audience and promote your products to customers searching for them on the internet. Read more about Adwords here.

2. Selling on Multiple Marketplaces : With the  Browntape integration into the Zepo Platform, you can now sell on multiple marketplaces with ease. Online marketplaces which are now integrated are Ebay, Amazon, Shopclues , Flipkart, Tradus , Snapdeal and Naaptol.

3. Affiliate Partnership: We’ve also partnered with iCubesWire to help you advertise your online store to the relevant audience. This is done via newsletters, banners on affiliate networks, etc. You pay iCubes only when you get a sale through their ad network.

4. Amazon Partnership: List your products for free on Amazon’s Junglee – a product comparison site. Product comparison sites are a great way to increase online sales. Since all interested shoppers are redirected to your online store to complete the purchase.

5. Facebook Store : Convert your Facebook fans into customers! Have your Zepo Online store integrated to your Facebook Page. You can now give the option to buy your products directly from your Fanpage.

6. Online Social Marketing: In the age of social media, it is important to spread word about your store by using your customers’ social circle. We have great apps that let your fans promote your brand to earn rewards and benefits.

  • ViralMint: Add the social virality factor to all your online marketing campaigns with ViralMint. Let your customers unlock coupon codes for your online store by spreading the word about you.

  • JustUno: Allow customers to like, tweet and share your website in order to gain discount coupons and rewards. Read more about JustUno here.

  • AddShoppers: Also get customers to share their purchases from your website in order to get discount coupons. Check them out here.

  • : Helps you Increase your shop’s social media reach by planning and scheduling your product posts in advance. You can now post on different social media platforms from a single dashboard. You can actually save more than 30 hours per month posting on multiple social media platforms.

7. SEO Friendly Stores: Ensure that Google can find you and your products by search optimizing your store. We already take care of the basic (on-site) SEO. In addition to that, you can optimize every product you upload using the SEO module for individual product pages. See more details.

8. Social Media Optimized: Your online stores are social-media ready, with integrated social media buttons for easy sharing – Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Google+.

9. Loyalty Program for Your Customers: Integrate PunchTab to add a Loyalty program to your Zepo Store and incentivize social sharing & engagement. Get your customers to come back to shop with you for a long, long time to come.

10. Increase Content Virality: With the Markerly Image Sharing app integrated to your Zepo store, allow customers to share individual products to their social media profiles. This can be done from the product image itself. Capitalize on impulsive shares to generate traffic to your website.

11. Reward Points System: With Invite Referrals encourage your customers to refer their friends to purchase from you and reward them with credit points, which can be redeemed by them later.

12. Collect Visitor Database: You can use MailChimp newsletter subscription box or the ManyContacts app to allow visitors to sign up for your newsletters by providing their email ID. Use this data to send them promotional offers in the future.

13. Tips & Tricks: Apart from doing all this, we also keep writing about interesting ways to help you increase online sales. It includes some of the best online marketing hacks, to acquire new customers as well as increase sales with existing customers. These tips and tricks are all that could be done and should definitely be done.

We are always there for whenever you need advice with online marketing of your store. We will keep giving you tips and tricks to help you along and share insights of other store owners with you.

Happy Marketing!

Do you wish to use these awesome marketing tools to sell your products online? Give Zepo a try and start your online store in the next 5 mins. Get access to all these features and promote your website!


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