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Infibeam's Buildabazaar vs. Zepo : Comparing eCommerce Platforms in India

Off late, alot of our prospective clients have been sent the following feature comparison sheet, pitching features provided by Builabazaar against those on Zepo.

Instead of being mis-informed, we thought we’d rather give you our side of the debate too. So here it is. You can find our comments to their claims in the last column of the following table.

Feature Comparison: Zepo vs. Builabazaar

Note: Comparison as shown by Buildabazaar. Corrections are shown in ‘Our Comments’ section.

S. No Feature Comparison Buildabazaar Zepo Our Comments
1 Bulk Upload Yes No False
Watch how-to bulk upload your products
2 Level of Sub-Category Upto 4 Levels Upto 2 Levels True
3 Variants Upto 3 Variants Upto 2 Variants True
95% products have a maximum of 2 variants.
4 Promotion Item and Purchase Level Purchase Level Only False
Both Item and Purchase Level Promotion Available
5 Zone Wise COD Yes No False
Zone wise COD feature is available on the platform
6 Max Products 5000 1000 False
The Pro Plan offers 10,000 products
7 Sort by Feature Yes No False
All Zepo stores have this feature
8 Banners Unlimited Banners 8 Banners True
But have you seen unlimited banners
on any online store?
9 Image Upload per Product More Than 3 3 per Product False
Depending on the plan, you can upload 1 to unlimited no. of products
10 Footer Layout Can be Customized Remain Same as per Theme True
11 Customized Theme Yes No (Default Theme) False
Completely customize and choose from
5 Layouts with over 100 free themes
12 Quick Checkout Yes No False
13 Grid/List View Yes Only Grid View True
14 Rating and Review Yes No False
Yotpo app integrated for all stores that allow ratings and review for products
15 Generate Ledger Account Yes No True
16 CS Panel Yes No True
We provide free apps for customer service instead
17 Admin Access Different for all Roles Same for all True
18 Customized Report Yes No False
Complete Integration with Google Analytics
alongwith e-Commerce tracking and Lexity Live
19 Multi Fulfiller Yes No True
20 Related Items on Product Page Yes No False
All Zepo stores have the
“You May Also Like” feature integrated
21 Sort by Price Yes No False
You can sort products by price
on all Zepo stores

Now that we have put out our side of the story too, here is a more detailed comparison between Zepo and Buildabazaar, on the basis of pricing plans.

Zepo vs. Buildabazaar: On the Basis of Pricing Plans

Starter Plan @ Rs. 1799/month
Features Buildabazaar
Silver Plan @ Rs. 1000/month
2000 No. of Products 300
0% Platform Transaction Fees 2%
Completely customize and
choose from 5 Layouts
with over 100 free themes
Customizable Themes 20 Free Fix Themes
Yes Cash-on-Delivery No
No International Shipping No
Yes Automated Shipping No
Yes International Currency Support No
Yes Cash-before-Delivery with Delhivery No

There are some basic features that are the staple on every ecommerce site, like SMS notifications when an order is placed, feature to upload size chart for products or even F Connect. And to integrate these on your online store shouldn’t mean shelling out more money. Here is the list of features every ecommerce website should have integrated.

Cost of Integrating Add-On Features on Online Stores

Zepo Add-On Features Buildabazaar
Free Header Dropdown Rs. 5,000
Free Size Chart on Product Page Rs. 5,000
(Unlimited Promo Codes)
Promo Code Generation Rs. 5,000
(Upto 1000 Promo Codes)
Free Facebook Connect Rs. 5,000
Free Mouse-Over Zoom Rs. 5,000
Free Sort by Price Rs. 8,000
Free Product Upload Support
(Upto 500 Products)
Rs. 10,000
Free Customizable Theme for Homepage Rs. 15,000
Free PayPal Payment Gateway Integration Rs. 15,000
Free SMS Notification Rs. 5,000
FREE Total Cost Rs. 78,000

Debating between the two platforms? Why not give Zepo a try and start your free 14-day trial? Set up your online store within 5 mins and get the lowest prices.


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  • nice article tanya. usefull information

  • Hi Dhiraj,

    We will look into introducing the feature very soon. Stay tuned.

  • Mark

    Hey there,

    Seems like it’s time to update your comparison report. I am gonna talk about the few features on my recently registered store on

    – 36+ Themes
    – Logistics & COD is available through Infibeam Logistics
    – International Currency with unlimited currencies. BuildaBazaar
    multi-currency feature also allows you to set your own conversion rates.

    P.S. – The total cost of the store was definitely not Rs.78,000

    • Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for dropping in an update. We’ll surely get the latest developments and post the same.

      All the best for you store.

      • Mark

        Thanks, appreciate it!

  • jack

    Sir, the first point about bulk upload has a link, “Watch how-to bulk upload your products” which is not working.