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ZePost Logistics Support for Zepo Powered Online Stores

The details about the tie-up and the criteria are mentioned below. The account will be maintained in the name of Zepo and every vendor (store owner) will be given a unique ID to access the dashboard personally.


Delivery Charges for Domestic Prepaid (Non-COD) Deliveries

Depending on the zone of delivery and the value & weight of the product, the following charges will be applicable. Charges depend upon 3 factors:

  1. Weight of the product
  2. Zone of delivery
  3. Whether you are marking the product as “Personal” or “Commercial”
For Products: Less than 5K
For Products: Marked Personal
For Products: More than 5K
For Products: Marked Commercial
Zone of Delivery Charges Applicable
(per 500 gms)
Zone of Delivery Charges Applicable
(per KG)
Intra-City Rs. 46/ 500 gms Intra-City Rs. 54/ KG + Rs. 84 Waybill Charges
Intra-Region Rs. 52/ 500 gms Intra-Region Rs. 61/ KG
Other Metros Rs. 68/ 500 gms Other Metros Rs. 98/ KG
Inter-Region Rs. 78/ 500 gms Inter-Region Rs. 105/ KG
North-East Rs. 105 / 500 gms North-East Rs. 138/ KG

A. In the BLUE table, the charges will reduce for every subsequent 500 gms.
B. In the YELLOW table, the charges will remain the same for every subsequent KG
C. If your parcel weight is 3.5 KG or lesser, it is more economic for you to select “Personal” & define Carriage value less than Rs. 5000.
D. If your parcel weight is more than 3.5 KG, it would be more economical for you to select “Commercial” & define whatever Carriage value of the product is.

How is the domestic delivery charge calculated? 

For Example, (for Zone 1 AND for a product weighing 500 gms):

Base Rate = Rs. 29

Fuel Surcharge = 41% of Rs. 29 = Rs. 12 (approx.)

Service Tax = 12.36% of Rs. 29 = Rs. 4 (approx.)

Delivery Charges = Rs. 29 +Rs. 10 + Rs. 4 = Rs. 46 


Delivery Charges for Domestic COD Deliveries 

Depending on the zone of delivery, the following charges will be applicable.

Zone of Delivery Charges Applicable
(per KG)
Intra-City Rs. 54/ KG + Rs. 78.5 Collection Charges
Intra-Region Rs. 61/ KG
Other Metros Rs. 98/ KG
Inter-Region Rs. 105/ KG
North-East Rs. 138/ KG

Note: The above charges will remain the same for every subsequent KG.


Specific Details about Above Charges

  • All charges are inclusive of Fuel Surcharge & Service Tax.
  • Above charges include:
    Fuel Surcharge = 41%
    Service Tax = 12.36%
  • Fuel Surcharge keeps changing every month, and you’ll be informed of the same.


Carriage Insurance Coverage

  • In case of damage or theft, you will be insured and repaid up to Rs. 5000 per order or the value of the product, whichever is lesser.
  • For full value insurance coverage, you will be charged 2% of the shipment value as insurance surcharge.


Serviceable Area Delivery

  • For a list of serviceable pin-codes for Non-COD as well as COD delivery, write to us and we will forward you the complete list.


COD Coverage

  • COD service is provided only in the mentioned pin-codes as per the excel sheet, that we share with you.
  • The areas which are Out of Pick-up areas (OPA) and Out of Delivery areas (ODA) will be charged a flat extra charge of Rs.2000 per delivery.


Pick-up Facility

  • Pick-up service will be provided for FREE on all days, except Sunday.
  • On Saturdays, pick-up is provided for some regions only before cut-off time.
  • All the Pin-codes mentioned in the file has pickup facility available.


Account & Billing

  • Account will be in the name of Zepo & you would be given access to use it.
  • For COD payments of bills & reimbursement shall be as follows:
    For all transactions between 1st and15th of a month, bills will be settled before 30th of the same month
    For all transactions between 15th and 30th of a month, bills will be settled on 15th of the next month.


Understanding the Different Regional Zones

  • Zone 1 = Intra-city: Pick-up & delivery within your own city.
  • Zone 2 = Intra-region: Pick-up & delivery within your own region (north / east / west / south / north-east).
  • Zone 3 = Other Metros: Pickup from your city to any metro (other than yours, in case).
  • Zone 4 = Inter-region: Pick-up from one region & delivery in another region (north / east / west / south / north-east).
  • Zone 5 = North-east: Pick-up from any 4 other regions (north / east / west / south) & delivery in north-east.

If you have any questions or concerns about the logistics support, please feel free to get in touch with us. And we’ll do our very best to help you along.


If you were worried that logistics is going to hamper your business, worry not! With logistics support on Zepo you can go ahead and start your online store today!

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  • Hi Rajiv,

    You’ll have to reach out to them individually through the contact information on their website. And if you like to negotiate rates, you’ll have to promise them a certain bulk quantity per month.

    PS. Zepo has introduced the ZePOST logistics solution, wherein we have tied with multiple courier companies, including FedEx. And the shipping costs are 20% lesser than what they offer. You can read up on it here:

    And please feel free to give us a call at 0922 358 3358 if you’d like to know more.

  • Rajiv

    Great Information in Zepo..

    Hey Guys i have something to ask .. for my ecommerce website how do i approach fed ex or dhl for courier services ..

    What is the process .. to approach them pls Guide me…

  • Azzu

    is zepo will pay my Logistic Bills or I will pay the bill to courier bill?. I am selling Tshirt online via facebook. And get around monthly 50 to 100 orders monthly. I am going to courier personally via professional courier or dtdc.

  • rg

    Is FedEx international shipment feature integrated as well? Will this shipment cost be automatically included and shown in the cart?

  • Rohit

    Would volume of the package be considered to calculate shipping charges? I retail blankets and quilts, which are very bulky in terms of volume but weigh less than 3 kgs.

    • Hey Rohit,

      Yes, volume is also considered while calculating charges. The formula for calculating volumetric weight: (length * width *height)/ 5000

      So, if actual weight of a product is 1kg and the volumetric weight is 3 kg, then FedEx will charge according to the higher weight i.e. 3 kg in this case.

      Hope this clarifies your doubt.

  • balu

    Most of the ecommerce portals offer COD without charging extra, is it that they are willing to put a 80Rs hole in their pocket just to convert the customer or do they enjoy a special rate?
    If I were to send a 400 Rs tshirt from Hyd to Lucknow on COD, I will be charged 180 for freight, 100Rs for the affiliate guy, 20Rs for the payment gateway… and left with 100Rs and incur a loss, it is absurd, do you have a solution for this? like after achieving certain rate of traction will the COD be free or something?

  • Biju

    I have already raised this question but did not get a response. as I am a retailer can i sent my product as personal. Also I do not understand the way bill, and how does it work. does it mean that, for instance if the courier charge is Rs. 54, does it mean that i will have to pay 54 plus way bill charge of Rs. 84 as well. Also is it possible to start up with the online store without any registration as the logistics provider always need an invoice if it is marked commercial.

    • Hey Biju,

      Sorry for the lapse on our end.

      In case of a non-COD product, you can definitely send it as ‘personal’ shipment.

      If product price would be more than 5000 Rs, you will have to pay the Waybill charges (i.e. Rs. 75 excluding taxes). Yes, this waybill charge is different from shipping charges. e.g. for a shipment (Invoice value more than Rs. 5000). If shipping charges are Rs. 100, then total shipping price would be considered as 100 + 75 (taxes extra).

      If your company is not registered, you can still send your shipment through FedEx even it is marked as commercial (COD shipment). Many of our customers are using COD service with out any trouble. Your product invoice is enough.

      Hope this helps.

  • Sudip Rakshit

    The transit time mentioned is too long and cannot be afforded for any ecommerce business.7 days from mumbai to kolkata??
    No customer will wait wait for such long time.How are these estimates drawn

    • Hi Sudip,

      Sorry about that. The following attachment regarding the delivery needs to by duly updated from our end. We apologise for the same.

      To answer your concern, the transit time between Kolkata and Mumbai is 1 day and NOT 7 days as mentioned in the file. So you can rest assured that your packages shall reach your customer soon enough. And that the delivery times are very much competitive with other courier providers in the industry.

  • Raj

    Can you provide an example of cost variation with respect to price of an items?