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Go Viral with your Online Marketing Campaigns: ViralMint for all Zepo Online Stores

Online marketing is a tough egg to crack. There is so much you can do to reach out to the greater audience on the web. From sending out newsletters to distributing coupon codes online.

Put aside all online marketing and promotion, one thing that will always work is when your customer speaks up about you. Wouldn’t it be just awesome if you could turn every customer into your brand ambassador? And get every customer talking about you on social media? Oh, you most definitely can achieve all this!

That’s where ViralMint comes in! We at Zepo have integrated the power of social marketing for all your online stores.  Now you can turn every customer into a brand evangelist and  go viral.  

Q: What is ViralMint?

ViralMint is nothing but a social commerce platform. ViralMint will help you add a social and viral factor to all your marketing campaigns. It is an on-site marketing product which helps you generate new fans, increase sales, improve conversion and engagement!

Q: How does ViralMint work?

With ViralMint, you can create Viral Offers that will get your website visitors to earn coupons by spreading the word about you.

You can get your customers to perform social actions like Facebook’s like and share, Tweet, Pinterest’s Pin it, or share on Google+, to unlock discount codes. By doing so, you make sure your campaigns spread and are shared over social media.

Q: How will it benefit me?

Integrating ViralMint will help you :

1. Generate new fans and followers over all social media,
2. Improve website conversion and
3. Increase traffic and sales on your store

It integrates with your Zepo Store with 1-Click and adds a social boost to all your existing marketing campaigns.

Q: How should I integrate Viral Mint on my store?

You can integrate ViralMint on your online store in just one click. The steps is as follows:

On your ViralMint dashboard:

1. Signup/Login to you ViralMint Account.

2. Click on Setting on your ViralMint dashboard.


3. Go to your profile. You should see your Account ID there. Copy the number and paste it in a notepad file.


On your Zepo dashboard: 

1. Go to your Zepo dashboard.

2. Under Setting tab, go to Advanced Features.


3. Switch on the ViralMint app.


4. Paste the Account ID you copied in your notepad file, here.


And you are set. ViralMint is integrated on your online store! Now let your customers take you viral.

All the best!

Image Courtesy: ViralMint Support Desk

Don’t you think that ViralMint makes online marketing easier? So what are you waiting for? Give Zepo a try and start your online store in the next 5 mins. Get access to all the features and make your journey smarter and smoother.


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  • To run a campaign, you have to activate the ViralMint feature on your store. Once that is done you can create campaigns, wherein you add coupon codes and discounts on certain products and share it on Social Media. People can unlock those codes once they like it or share it with their friends. This way you can get more more and more people to visit your website and avail the discounts.

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