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High Street Fashion at the Click of a Button : In Conversation with Priyanka Sahani of Magnetic Designs

For a country obsessed with price, we are pretty sure “affordable fashion” must have had its roots in India. And Priyanka Sahani is doing her bit to make fashion accessible to the Indian bourgeoisie. 

Priyanka Sahani is the face behind Magnetic Designs. A designer by profession she started out with a couple of designs and there has been no looking back since then! Her brand, Magnetic Designs is a Delhi based online store offering an attractive range of both Western and Indian wear. Making available high street fashion at the most affordable prices and the best quality, Magnetic Designs is sure turning the tide, making it all accessible at just a click.

We caught up with Priyanka to talk to her about her entrepreneurial journey and how it all began. Here’s what she had to say.

Zepo: What is your brand all about and what do you sell?

Magnetic Designs Logo

Priyanka: Magnetic Designs (MD) is an amalgamation of fashionable and quality product. It was initially created as an ethnic clothing online shopping brand for women but has slowly transgressed into western cum ethnic women wear.

Our basic ideology behind Magnetic Designs is to sell quality products throughout India, reaching out even to the most remote areas with economical pricing and best quality.

USP of Magnetic Designs is to dispatch the products within 24 hrs and make them available to the buyers as quickly as possible. (Zepo: Hats off to you on that!)

Zepo: When and how did Magnetic Designs start out? How long did you play with the idea before you started out?

Priyanka: MD was initiated almost a year back, on 24th April 2012. With a couple of designs I had created back then, I planned to showcase them to the bourgeois people. I was lucky enough to introduce myself to a platform which provided me a base to build my own website and sell my products online. After spending a week on the brand name and logo, I was good to go with the whole concept of Magnetic Designs.

However, the ideology processed and developed after I was on air and still keeps developing keeping in mind the milieu of my business line. I keep working on my conceptualizations and ideology to make Magnetic Designs a peoples’ brand. For me, my customer means everything. (Zepo: The key to every brand’s success, ain’t it?)

Zepo: What was the one major challenge you overcame since you started out?

Priyanka: Having more experience with designing and less in marketing, my start was shaky as I had a few ideas in my head on how to market my product. I was clear that I had to target the bourgeois mass but I wasn’t clear as to how to make my brand reach out to them. With a few investments in hand I started off with Facebook and word of mouth, am now showcasing my brand on more than 14 online shopping platforms , apart from my own website. I am slowly and steadily trying to reach out to the mass.

Zepo: What was Magnetic Design’s first product and what is the story behind it?

Priyanka: My first product artlessly defines my brand and its concept. Through my product I shouted out to the customers that how my brand would give them value for money and a quality product.

Black Cotton Linen Kurta cum Dress

My first product was a modern cum ethnic two in one Kurta, which could be worn as a simple Kurta for a formal outing or as an evening dress. The story behind my first garment was simple, to keep my customers perky and give them a feeling of choosing a right product which justifies the money they have spent on it. 

I am shopaholic and a woman, and nothing makes me happier than buying a product that justifies my hard earned money spent on it. I understand the needs and value of my customer. I design for my customers, so all my designs are a reflection of them, not me. (Zepo: Your products surely reflect that. No doubt about it.)                       

Zepo: How have your audiences received your brand? Which is your best selling product?

Priyanka: I have received maximum response through Facebook marketing and other online portals where my products are available. Apart from this a little from Google ads and Quickr.

My best seller so far has again been a 2 in 1 Kurta cum Dress. The same style has been repeated twice before in different prints each time. And they have managed to sell out within 10 days of introducing them. And that’s why I am repeating it for the 3rd time in my new SS13 Collection, on popular demand.

Magnetic Design Kurta cum Dress

Zepo: Apart from your online store, what are some of your other point of sales? Say, exhibitions, retail outlets, etc. Which one has worked best for you?

Priyanka: Major focus is on online selling. Apart from that a little bit of wholesale selling also works.

Zepo: What was the one thing that pushed you to start selling online? And how has the whole experience of setting up your own online store been?

Priyanka: The whole idea behind selling online started with my urge to showcase my designs to the target audience. Frankly speaking it was a rollercoaster ride for me and I am still riding the same ride. It’s just that the speed of the rollercoaster has settled down a bit, now.

Zepo: What is the one activity that has worked best for you in online marketing? Any marketing tips for our entrepreneurs and artists?

 Priyanka: Facebook advertisements have helped my website a lot.

So Priyanka, that was the story about your brand. But now talking on a more personal note, we are going to shoot you a few questions about your journey as an entrepreneur.

Zepo: How do you define success?

Priyanka: For me success is REPEATED HAPPY CUSTOMERS. 😀

Zepo: Keeping the same levels of enthusiasm everyday is not easy. What keeps you inspired and motivated every day?

Priyanka: Like I said earlier, my customers are my inspiration. I keep their satisfaction and happiness in mind and pass though all the hurdles I face now and then.

Zepo: What are some of the decisions that have worked best for you?

Priyanka: Firstly, the decision to sell online itself has worked the best for me. And secondly, creating my own brand which strictly believes in delivering the best quality fashionable product at an affordable price, to even remote areas where physical stores are not that easily available.

Zepo: What has been your proudest moment as an entrepreneur?

Priyanka: Overselling of my product within a span of 15 days and getting repeat orders of the same product. (Zepo: Awesome! Kudos to you on that!)

Zepo: If you could give one piece of advice to would-be entrepreneurs, looking to follow in your footsteps, what would it be?

Priyanka: Follow your heart.

Thanks Priyanka for taking out the time to give us such fabulous answers! It was a complete pleasure.

You can catch up with Magnetic Designs on their Facebook Page or pick up the stuff from their online store.

Feeling inspired? You can be an awesome entrepreneur too! Go ahead, start your online business today!

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