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Zepo is up and running!

Apologies to all Zepo store owners and their customers for the inconvenience caused today morning. We understand that Zepo was intermittently inaccessible between 11.05 am to 02:30 pm IST today i.e. 27th April, 2013. 

Why did it happen?

The reason for today morning’s disruption was because Rackspace Dallas Cloud Servers (Dallas location) were down due to system disruption at their end. A portion of their Next Generation Cloud Servers were experiencing service degradation.



What did Zepo do about it?

Zepo was caught unaware, muck like you. The disruption was not caused from our end, but because of system problems at Rackspace’s Dallas location. 

We were in constant touch with the team at Rackspace to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. And Rackspace was communicative and responsive about the technical difficulties being faced at their DFW data center.  


It was a bigger problem for Rackspace, since their own reputation and reliability were being affected. A point to be noted here is that RackSpace and its servers are highly reliable. And that is one of the reasons we shifted our infrastructure to Rackspace. But unfortunately, once in a blue moon technical difficulties arise on which you don’t have much control. Our belief in their services hasn’t diminished one bit. 

What is the status now?

From 1:05 pm IST onwards, Zepo as well as all your online stores are up and running.  

Rackspace has resolved all issues. You can check out the current resolved status of the issues and their apology for the same here

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