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How-to Bulk Upload Products to your Zepo powered Online store

Do you have loads of products to upload on your online store? Wish there was a simpler way to upload all those products at one go?

Problem solved! We have a bulk upload option to save you from the pain of uploading one product at a time.

So here is how it goes.

To begin, on your Zepo dashboard, when you are on your Add New Product Page, navigate to the Bulk tab on the left hand side of the page. From the page, download the excel sheet, in which you will be filling all your product information.

Let’s open the excel sheet and we’ll go over each field one by one.

All fields marked with a red asterix are mandatory fields. PLEASE DO NOT leave them blank.

When you download the sheet, it is pre-filled with some dummy data, like you can see. Let’s delete the dummy data and start filling in your product information from scratch.

If you look at your Add New Product page, there are 3 different types of products you can upload.

1. A product with no options

2. A product with 1 option, OR

3. A product with 2 options

Let’s first look at how to fill product information for a product with no options.

How-to Fill Product Information for a Product with No Options

1. Product Name: Enter the name of your product. For example: “Round Neck Tshirt”

2. Category: Then the category of your product, like “Apparel”

An important rule to keep in mind here – If you have already created categories on your store, put in the exact category name, letter by letter. A difference of even one character would create a new category.

Also, if you fill in a category that you have not already created on your store, it will automatically create a new category in the bulk upload. 

3. Sub- Category: and the sub category, like “Men”.

The same rule previously mentioned for categories, applies to your sub-categories as well.

4. Alternate Sorting Value: Now, if you have alternative sorting enabled on your store, enter here the 3rd attribute value to sort your products by. For example: Color

5. SKU (Product ID): If you assign your own product IDs to your products, enter it here. Or leave it blank.

So far so good? Onto product images now.

6. Product Image 1: Enter the exact file name of the product image, alongwith the file extension. Like “tshirts.jpg”

PLEASE DO NOT insert the product images in the sheet. 

Usually, by default, file extensions are hidden in Windows. To see your file name with extensions, go to Organize and Folder and Search Options. Under View, uncheck Hide extensions for known file types. You should be able to see your file name with extensions. Now you can just copy paste the image file names into your excel sheet.

Product Image 2-5: Similarly, to upload more images of the same product, copy paste the respective image file names.

7. About the Product: Enter your product description in the About the Product column.

PLEASE DO NOT format the product description here hoping it will reflect on your store. If you wish to format your product descriptions, use HTML to do so. 

8. Relevant Tags: Relevant tags and keywords for the product can be entered here. Use a comma to separate different keywords.

Since we are currently talking about how to upload products without any options, leave this blank.

9. Price: Enter the price of the product,

10. Discounted Price: A discounted price if you are having a sale,

11. Quantity in Stock: Number of items in stock.

You can leave this field blank, if the quantity is unlimited for the product. 

12. Shipping Charges: And finally the shipping charges.

You can leave the field blank if you wish to offer free shipping. 

It’s been fairly smooth so far, isn’t it?

But what do you do if you have products with options? Even that is fairly simple, but you will need to keep a few things in mind.

Let’s start with the easier one, product with just 1 option. Like a T-Shirt available in both red and blue colors.


How-to Fill Product Information for a Product with 1 Option

All your initial fields like Product Name, Category, Sub Category upto Relevant Tags will be entered the same way.

1. Option’s Values: But when you reach the Option’s Values column, enter the options, separated by a Semi Colon. For example: Red; Blue

2. Price: For price, you will have to enter the corresponding price for each option. Like, 450; 450

If the price for both options is the same; for example the red & blue T-Shirts are both priced at 450, you will still need to enter 450 twice.

3. Discounted Price: Similarly, for the discounted price. Even if the discounted price is same for both colors, enter it twice. Say, 300; 300

But what do you do if your selling both the T-Shirts at different prizes?

Like say, you are selling the red T-Shirt at 450, and the blue one at 500, then you need to enter it like this 450; 500.

4. Quantity in Stock: You may or may not have the same quantity for both colors. Enter respective number of pieces available for each color. Like, 8; 5


Moving on to the more complex product with 2 options, like a Red tshirt in 2 sizes and a blue tshirt in 2 sizes.

How-to Fill Product Information for a Product with 2 Options

Like we did previously, all fields uptil Relevant Tags will be entered the same way.

1. Option’s Values: In the Option’s Values column, enter the product variations like this, Red+L; Red+XL; Blue+M; Blue+S

Say Red tshirt is available in L and XL both, and Blue tshirt in M and S sizes.

2. Price: Enter the respective size for each product variation. Or if the price is same for all, enter the same price 4 times. For example: 400;450;500;500

3. Discounted Price: Similarly for discounted price – 300;350;300;350

4. Quantity in Stock: And quantity in stock, 4;2;5;9


A couple of things to keep in mind when you set about filling the sheet. 

1. PLEASE DO NOT use any formulas in the sheet say to calculate discount price, etc. Enter all values as text and by yourself. 

2. Secondly, PLEASE DO NOT delete any columns from the table. If that particular field is not applicable to your products, for example you are NOT uploading more than 1 product image, leave it blank. But DON’T delete the column.

3. And when you share your product images with us, send across images of ONLY THOSE PRODUCTS you are uploading in your sheet. And remember to keep the size of each product image under 2 MB.

And that’s about it. You are equipped with all the information to start the filling the bulk upload excel sheet.

All the very best!

Video: How-to Bulk Upload Products to your Zepo powered Online Store

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