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A Good Product Description : Why is it Critical for your Online Store!

Hello! We blame the lovely Mumbai rains for not updating our blog in a while; it makes us stare out of the window instead of staring into our ‘windows’. 😛

 But now, we are back with something new. Something which is obvious but most often ignored-  we are talking about product descriptions. One of the major deterrents to online shopping is the trust factor that customer face when buying online compared to an offline buying.

 People are usually wary to buy a product which they cannot see, touch or feel. Product descriptions along with product images help you as an online store owner turn around this problem.

Q: Why should you have a good product description?

A: Unless people know what they are buying, they will not complete the purchase!

Let us say you are selling T shirts online. A good product description compensates for the offline shopping experience where people can touch, feel and try out the t shirt before buying. Let people know what they are buying and help them make an informed choice.

It also applies to an online store selling food items like sandwiches, which may need to include the ingredients, expiry date, info on added artificial flavors if any etc.

Q: What to write in your product description?

A: Just what you as a customer would like to know.

Product descriptions depend upon the type of product you are selling.       For example, if you are selling electronic gadgets,

  • Include the technical specifications of the product, instructions on how to use, the colors and size of the product.
  • Include a link (video or a static page) on how to use the product or a review of the product. Write product description with your brand, concept, type of products and customers in mind.
  • Also if you are drop-shipping your products, letting people know from where the product was sourced from is very important. This also gets credibility of the source of the product passed on to you.

An online store on Zepo sells prasad from major temples of India. In this case, people will need to know from which temple the prasad is from and the product description gives them that information. And Online Prasad makes it better by giving them an interesting mythological story in the description to complete the connect

Q: Now, how to write a product description which is mind-blowing?

A: Be informative, imaginative, useful and cut the unwanted information!

  • Give information on what the product is and how to use it. Keep it crisp, fresh, appealing and let it be a reflection of you and your brand. image1

Photo Source: ShopVeda

  • People buy for a reason. And the reason is, to use it. Stress on the use and benefits of your product and not just the features of the products.
  • Include a story line about the origins of the product, inspiration behind the design.image

Photo source: Coffee Coach.

  • Give people a feel good factor by letting them know how buying the product will help the society or environment.
  • Understand your target audience:
  1.    Write up your product description in a way that is appealing to them.
  2.    Keep the tone consistent throughout your store for each product.

Ex: For a store selling funky t-shirts, you don’t want your customers reading boring specs. Instead talk to them in a casual tone and let them know why your product is cool.


Photo source: ediots.

  • Include a video:
  1.   Which showcases the features and benefits of the product.
  2.   A positive video review of the product.
  3.   Use the video to send across a strong message on why your product is supreme but back up it with proof.
  • SE Optimize your product descriptions to make your store come up in search results. It is vital to make sure that the product description is as keyword rich as possible.
  • Google does not encourage duplicate content so write unique content for each product. Do not copy-paste any description even for products which differ only in color.
  • Let your product description not be ‘nice’, ‘great’ etc. Instead make them ‘gripping’, ‘tough’, ‘fashionable’, ‘chic’ or ‘cocky’. Make sure your choice of words grab the attention of your customers.
  • Avoid negative feedback post sale by providing a genuine and accurate product description. Tell customers what to expect and let them make an informed buy.

Have more interesting ideas on how to write product descriptions? Do drop us a line 


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