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Increase Online Sales with Third Party Affiliate Marketing Tools

Initially, spreading the word about your brand and it’s products on your own is easy and manageable. There are plenty of channels; social media, email newsletters, etc. But after a while once your brand starts to grow, you need others to start talking about you. At this point, your customers are your best and biggest brand evangelists. But apart from that, what other channels are at your disposal?

Google AdWords is a reliable advertising program. And then, there are affiliate marketing programs. These programs let you advertise your brand and products to relevant audiences across the web, through their established networks.

Most affiliate marketing programs work on either of these 3 basis – pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-sale.

Now once you sign up with an affiliate network, how do you track the leads or sales from the ads they run? Ah well, there is a simple way to achieve that on your Zepo powered online stores.

We recently rolled out the “Third Party JS Codes on your Thank Page” feature.


Using this feature you can put in any third part JavaScript code on your Thank You pages. It is particularly essential for store owners running affiliate marketing programs. Now you can easily insert your affiliate marketing conversion codes on your thank you page, and effortlessly track all your marketing efforts.

Here’s a list of third party affiliate programs you can choose to associate with and likewise add the conversion codes using this tool.

1 affiliate program that we at Zepo have already partnered up with is:

1. iCubesWire: iCubesWire is an affiliate marketing network that advertises your online store to the relevant online audience by various means like newsletter, banners on affiliate networks, etc helping you get more sales on your website.

Apart from this, there are a couple more affiliate networks out there.

2. KhojGuruThe Khojguru affiliate program provides the easiest way for you to earn by simply placing coupon banners or links on your website to refer users to the website. You can earn flat Rs.5 every time a user clicks on the banner/link and downloads a coupon on the website.

3. Google AdWords: AdWords is the easiest and best way to advertise to your relevant audience, with the help of the most popular search engine, Google. You can start running ads on Google using Adwords tool. And track conversion per click by uploading the third party JS code tool. You can choose between Cost per Click or Cost per Performance methods.

4. InboxMatters: Inbox Matters is an affiliate email marketing network which is helping advertisers reach their 5 crore audience through 25+ publishers across the industry. Affiliate Email marketing helps to increase the maximum inbox delivery and maximum open rates of email campaigns. This also gives a booster to your campaigns with the publisher brand name recommendation.

Wishing you the best of sales! Go ahead and drive your sales with these fabulous affiliate marketing opportunities. And track the results to judge which work for your brand, and which don’t.

Happy Selling!

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