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FCouriers International Logistics Support for Zepo powered Online Stores

Update: Announcing Zepo’s new logistics tie-up with AVN Logistics. Now get automated shipping integrated to your dashboard. You can read more about the tie-up here.

You must be familiar with our tie up with FCouriers for domestic logistics. And now, we are happy to announce that you can use the same logistics tie-up with FCouriers to reach out to customers at the far ends of the Earth.

Bring in that international touch to your venture that you always wanted.

Pre – requisites for using FCouriers for International Deliveries

1. IEC

  • IEC stands for Importer Exporter Code
  • All registered businesses require this to ship their products overseas.

Note: You can ship your products overseas without an IEC, but only to a certain limit. Do write to us for any enquires regarding the same.

2. Registered Business

You need to be a registered business in order to ship outside the geographical boundaries of India. And also, to obtain an IEC Code for your business.

Two types of services provided by FCouriers

FCouriers provides two types of services for international delivery

1. International Priority
Specially for packages weighing under 69 kg.

2. International Priority Freight
Specially for packages weighing between 69 to 1000 kg.

Delivery Charges

To you an example on how the charges are calculated across all delivery zones:
Suppose a store owner wants to ship a 1 kg package to the USA which falls under Zone G, they would be charged:

  1. Base Rate = INR 1231
  2. Current Fuel Surcharge @ 20.5 % = INR 252
  3. Service taxes @ 12.5% of (Base rate + Fuel surcharge) = INR 185
  4. Total charges = INR 1668/- (approx.)

Note: The Fuel surcharge may vary from 18 to 22 percent.

In addition to the above charges there could be a duty involved. There is no definite structure of the charges applied as duty as it varies from place to place and package to package.

Pick up Facility

  • Pick-up service will be provided for free everyday
  • All the Pin-codes mentioned in the file have pickup facility available.
  • For products weighing below 2.5 kg, packaging options are available with FCouriers and the rates are cheaper
  • Products weighing more than 2.5 kg need to be self-packed

Serviceable Delivery Area

For a list of serviceable area, write to us. We will send across a complete list of deliverable areas under different zones.

Accounting and Billing

  • FCouriers account will be in the name of Zepo and you will be given access.
  • You will need to maintain separate accounts for international and domestic billing.
  • COD is not available for international deliveries.




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Satat Mishra

Satat Mishra

  • Aarti Samant

    Hi Guys, We are planning to come up with an India centric market-place catering to overseas buyers. Could you help me with the kind of documents we would require to initiate the same?

  • Varun

    I’m planning to open a ecommerce store for international customers only. Do I need to register a sole proprietorship / partnership firm to get IEC and for international shipping? Or can I ship internationally without registering as a firm?
    Also, Can you please tell me which taxes I need to pay.


    • Hi Varun,

      1. For starting any business , you need a valid license like License under Shop and Establishment Act (Basic) or Incorporation Certificate for Companies, etc

      2. TAN no. is not mandatory for Sole Proprietors unless your turnover in the previous financial year exceeded 1 crore.

      3. Service Tax Registration is applicable only for Service Providers only. If during a financial year your company crossed 9 lakhs in turnover for service provided, then registration is mandatory within 30 days.
      And Service Tax is to be paid on the amount exceeding 10 lakhs. This exemption limit of Rs 10 Lakhs applies only for the first year and from second year onwards service tax has to be paid on all amount received towards taxable services

      4. VAT is mandatory when the gross turnover exceeds 5 lakhs. However for imports registration is mandatory when it exceeds 1 lakhs. VAT has to be charges on the imported products as well as per the VAT schedule.

      5. Other licenses required for Proprietorship are Profession Tax or any business specific licenses (Say if Food industry then, License under FSSA). As such for general business only these are the required.​

      6. IEC is mandatory if you are shipping internationally. And for which, the pre-requisite is a registered firm.

      Hope this helps.

  • Ronak

    can i sell garments overseas without licence? if yes then what is the limits?

  • CrazeeMania

    Would like to open account for International logistics as we ship worldwide. Kindly help in regards to the same.

    • Hi CrazeeMania,

      Have forwarded your request to my team. Anish from our team will get in touch with you regarding the same.

      Do let us know if you’d like to know more.

  • Adil

    I am interested in knowing the schedule of charges & zones etc of the same. Please mail me at

    • Adil,

      Vivek from our team will give you a call soon and discuss with you all the details about FedEx.

  • Him

    please send me all the details of charges or diff zones and delivery are on

    • Hi Himanshu,

      We’ll get Vivek from our team to give you a call and give you the different details about FedEx, soon.