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Level up to New Features! Enhanced Search, Improved Shipping & much more!

A lot of you wanted more control over domestic & international shipping policies & COD options. We heard you all, people! And all that feedback went straight into production. So here’s a glance into the new shipping module and what else is new on your Zepo dashboard.

Gorgeous Feature for Store Front

Enhanced Search facility

We have been optimizing the search functionality on your stores using product indexing. For your customers now, finding the right product is just cake walk as we improve product search relevancy.

Easy to use dashboard Features

1. Improved Shipping Options

A. Weight-based Shipping: To ensure that you charge optimum shipping rates, you can now enter exact weight of your products and define shipping rates for each weight bracket.

Note: To enable a flat weight based shipping rate, you will first need to enter weight for every product on your store.

B. Order-based Shipping: Rs50 flat shipping charge on every order under Rs. 500. With order-based shipping option, you can specify a standard shipping rate for each order, irrespective of the number of products.
Note: Both these features have been introduced for domestic as well as international shipping.

Where Can You Enable Them: On your Zepo Dashboard, Settings >> Shipping & Delivery >> Shipping Policies

2. Country-based International Shipping

Do you ship your products only to a handful of countries? This feature will let you go a step further & define shipping rates for every individual country instead of, for the entire region.

Where Can You Enable It: On your Zepo dashboard, Settings >> Shipping & Delivery >> International Shipping >> Shipping Regions

3. Limit COD to Particular Products

Don’t want certain products to have the COD facility? Just mark the products for which you would not like to allow COD service.
Note: If a customer adds 2 products in a cart & one doesn’t allow COD, then the COD option is not shown for the complete order.

Where Can You Enable It: On your Zepo dashboard Stock >> Products >> Add New Product/ Edit Product Options

4. Restrict Discount Coupons

You are running a sale & you don’t want discount coupons to be valid on certain low margin products. Just restrict those products, and no discount coupon can be used on those products.

Where Can You Enable It: On your Zepo dashboard, Stock >> Products >> Add New Product/ Edit Product Options

New: OfferGrid Marketing Support

“Setting up an online store is easy. What do I do about marketing my ecommerce site?”

We have been cracking up tie-ups with the right partners to help you market your store. In the past months, we integrated with iCubesWire to get you the right affiliate marketing programs. And now we bring to you OfferGrid Marketing Support.

OfferGrid is an advertising platform that you can use to run promotional campaigns for your website. It’ll help drive more customers to your store and more traffic means more sales!

The best part of it all, OfferGrid is offering Zepo store owners discounted packages which start at just Rs. 3000, i.e. at a 10% discounted rate than their regular packages.

To know more about OfferGrid’s pricing & to register, check out our blog post.

We hope all the new features has got you excited! Are you an entrepreneur looking to start your online business today? Go ahead, start your business today!

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