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Direct your Customers to the Most Important Discounts and Sale Announcements with HelloBar

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could direct your customers to your best selling product right from your homepage or promote your brand presence on social networks or even direct traffic to your most popular blog post?

We knew how exciting that all sounds. Which is why, unveiling before you is your very own HelloBar for your Zepo powered online store. Now doing all of those above things, is just a “bar” away.

You can install the Hellobar on your Zepo store to direct your visitors to certain pages on your website or promote your most important content. You can use it to capture leads, promote blog posts, direct customers to your best selling products, to building your email signups and so much more…

To install the Hellobar on your online store, just follow these steps:

1) Go to HelloBar and click on “Free Sign-up”.


2) Enter your Email Id in the pop-up box and click on SignUp.


3) You can create a password for your account after your sign-up, which will allow you to make changes to your Hello Bar in the future.

4) Configure your HelloBar according to what you’d like to it for, right from the text you’d like to display on the bar, to the URL you’d like to redirect the customer to.


5) Completely customize the look and feel of your HelloBar to match your brand’s website. And you can see a live preview of the changes you make, on the HelloBar at the top of the page.


6) You can watch the HelloBar you just customized at work, right on your website. For the same, just enter your online store’s URL and preview it on your store.


7) You will have to undertake the one-time installation to install the HelloBar on your Zepo powered online store. Once you enter the password and create your account on the fourth step, you will be shown the following screen.

Click on “I can install code myself” to go forward.


8) You will be shown the following screen with the HTML code. Only copy the section of the code that you see highlighted below.


9) Login to your Zepo dashboard and navigate to the Advanced Features page from your Settings tab.

10) Paste the code you have copied in the HelloBar feature text box, like follows. And hit “Save”.


All the best! Do let us know if you get stuck somewhere in the way.

Have fun with your Hello Bar! We look forward to all you store owners using it as creatively as you can.

Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to sell your amazing products? Look no further! Give Zepo a try and start your online store in the next 5 mins. Get access to all the cool features at one place and rock those sales!


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