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Upcoming Apps on Zepo

1) JustUno

Boost your Social Media Campaigns & Sales using the Justuno
Social Incentive Widget. Offer website visitors instant coupons in
exchange for a Facebook Like, Tweet, Google +1 and more

2) Markerly

Increase traffic and content virality with Markerly’s Micro-Content Sharing – a way to maximize impulse shares.

3) Live Chat

The fastest way to contact your customers listen,talk and build better relationships.

4) Inspeclet

Discover where visitors are getting confused on your site and what’s getting their attention. See every mouse movement, scrolling, clicks, and typing on your site.

5) Blipstar 

A store locator lets your customers enter a zip/post code, address or place name and get a list of your nearest stores or products, complete with attractive interactive mapping and driving directions.

6) Dropifi

Dropifi is a smart contact widget that helps small businesses
better analyze, visualize and respond to incoming messages.

7) Zingaya

Zingaya enables voice calls through any computer, right from a webpage.


Install Joi.IM directly on your website, and your visitors can now chat directly on your website

9) CaptainUp

Captain Up helps you reward your users with points, badges and levels for exploring your site and sharing it with their friends,.

10) __________

If you want to recommend any app you can do so in the below comment box.

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hi! i am starting online fashion site in india. Can you please assist me that which excellent quality apparel suppliers provides drop ship service?

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Tanya Rao

Tanya Rao

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  • Hi Rohit,

    Please write in to our Support team at They shall be the right people to get you started and help you along incase you get stuck on the way.

  • Rohit

    Hi, I would like to create an app (externally) for the Zepo store.
    Could you tell me how to go about it and how to discuss the formalities for sharing it?

  • shubh

    u should make store more friendlier
    people can shop through website without actually logging in, they may also buy being a visiter

    • Hi Shubh,

      That facility is already available on the Zepo platform. If you have a Zepo powered store, a customer to your store doesn’t have to sign in to buy. He/she can checkout as a customer and purchase the product.

  • crazeemania

    I would love to see this option Back in Stock.

    -> Notify your customers instantly when a product is available to order
    -> Use insight from customer demand when ordering from suppliers
    -> Completely automated workflow saves you time

    Ref. Link :

  • crazeemania

    I would like to see all the apps on Zepo from this site :

    Our favourite Apps would be Ebay Integration, Amazon Integration, Facebook Store, Google Product Feed, Testimonials, Junglee Integration..

    However, I would like to see all the apps on Zepo atleast..

  • Anjum Mailaram

    what about having an app where in we can give the customers reward points against the spends like we get on our credit card spend. the customer can then redeem these points against the payment towards a product.

  • Rati Soneja

    I would suggest email and mobile marketing (bulk SMS) directly from Zepo. Currently there is only 1 marketing notification that can go out and that too only to the registered users. However, we do not have an option to upload our own contact list and/or to create other email notifications.

    • Hey Rati,

      Thanks for the same. A good suggestion there. We’ll see what can be done from our end. And definitely keep you in the loop.

  • Jashan Preet Singh

    Is all the above mentioned apps free after taking a plan from zepo or we have to pay extra charges to third party or zepo for using these services????

    • Yeah Jashan, all apps mentioned here as well as all the apps that will come up in the future, will all be free. Zepo pricing will be inclusive of all these apps.

  • Jashan Preet Singh

    I want to suggest a app named softacuolus powered by

    • Hi Jashan,

      Thanks for the suggestion. Will definitely look into it.