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Increase Traffic with Customer Loyalty Programs from Punchtab

Integrate Punchtab on your Zepo Store to offer rewards, run giveaways and award badges to your customers. This helps you to get user, keep user and reward user.

With Punchtab Loyalty Program, Incentivize your visitors to engage, interact and share your content. On average, Loyalty members visit 11x more and view 16x more pages.

With PunchTab badges, every time a user visits, tweets, +1’s, Like’s or comment on your blog or website they earn points towards earning that next badge. With several levels in each set and several sets to complete and share, your uses will be hooked!

To install PunchTab, follow below steps.

1) Go to PunchTab and register yourself.

2) Click on “Loyalty Program”.

3) You would get an window like below. Click on “All other Platform”.

4) You would get the code as below. Copy the highlighted section.

5) Paste the copied code in the Dashboard. Then Turn On or Off either Loyalty Program or Badges as per your need.

Don’t you think that all that all these features make online selling much easier? So what is stopping you? Give Zepo a try and start your online store in the next 5 mins. Get access to Punch Tab and many other exciting features all integrated to your store.



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Tanya Rao

Tanya Rao

Curious Growth Hacker @ Zepo. Traveller. Foodie. Cider Lover. Social Media Enthusiast. Audiophile at the Cellular Level. Start-up Kid. Sarcasm is First Language. Madness Personified. Love Mondays.

  • Hi there,

    Shraddha from our team is in touch with you to personally assist you start PunchTab. Do let her know if you have any more queries.

  • Rishi Sharma

    Kindly let me know how to design the loyalty programe

  • Utpal Baruah

    I have enabled Punchtab in my site, but now I want to disable it. I have tried to do it through Zepo dash board on multiple occasions, but it has failed. Please help.

    • Hi Utpal,

      Please write in to Sumeet from our team at He shall be able to help you along in disabling PunchTab on your online store.

      • Utpal Baruah

        Thanks for the reply. I have already deactivated this feature by deleting the associated code.

        • Great! Do let us know if you need any more help.