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Customize Contact Forms on your Online Store with ManyContacts

Driving visitors to your online store is just part of the equation. The other part of the equation is to convert those leads into sales for your brand.

And while some of the visitors convert on their first visit, what do you do with some who just browsed your online store? You keep in touch with them and keep them updated on what’s new on your brand!

But how do you do that? One way to collect your visitors information are the MailChimp pop-up newsletter subscription forms or the MailChimp newsletter subscription boxes.

But, a little choice never spoiled anyone! For all those of you who like the subtle way, there is an option for you now! The new ManyContacts customizable contact bar will gently hover on the top of your website and is a good option to MailChimp subscription forms.

Following are the steps to setup up the contact bar on your Zepo powered online store.

1. Go to ManyContacts and click on “Get a Free Form”.


2. Fill in your information and your store’s URL in the pop-up form.


3. After you have successfully managed to register yourself, you can jump right on to customizing the contact bar to suit your brand’s website.


4. Once you are satisfied with how it looks and feels, you can cross verify which email id you’d like to receive sign-up notifications on. And add more email ids too. After that, just click on “Save this Bar”.


5. Then you’ll be shown the embed code to install the same on your website. Only copy the section of the code that you see highlighted below.


6. Now, just login to your Zepo dashboard and navigate to the Advanced Features page from your Settings tab.

7. Paste the code you have copied in the ManyContacts feature text box, like follows. And hit “Save”.


All the best! Do let us know if you get stuck somewhere in the way.

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