Hi – will you be able to help a start up in importing, labelling etc of toys – this is for eretail.

Hi there,

Sorry, but we won’t be able to help you with importing and labeling of the toys, since it’s beyond our domain of operation. However, if you are looking to start your own online store, we’d be more than glad to help you along. 

Do let us know if we can be of any other service. 


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Tanya Rao

Tanya Rao

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  • Pranay

    Please send us a detailed email regarding the products you to sell.
    We would be happy to consult you and help you set up e-store.

  • Pranay

    Hello, If anyone wants any help with regards to importing of toys or other stuff, please feel free to contact us. praj33@hotmail.com.

  • Hi Sandeep,

    We don’t have much idea about this. We suggest you get in touch with a lawyer to understand the legalities of working in India when in the US.

    Also, all marketplaces have their own seller processes. We suggest you get in touch with each marketplace personally to know more.