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Choose, Create and Distribute: The Complete Know How of Coupons

Buy one get one free. Flat 20% off on all products. Rs. 100 Off on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1500.

Does it ring a nice, loud bell? Coupons, baby! Everybody loves them! And oh, don’t we want it all at the same time!

Coupons are the coolest way to attract a customers’ attention. They are the savviest way to reach out to the vast target audience and keep them coming back for more.

There are a lot of different coupons you can put into play. The more creative, the better. Below is a three-part process on how to go about coupons. We have listed the more common types of coupons that have worked well for E commerce businesses time and again.

Check them out and draw some inspiration. You might want to put them to use, given the upcoming festivities.

Choose: What promotion to run on your store?

1.    Free Shipping Coupons

Free Shipping on order above Rs.1000 and more

“Already burnt a hole in my pocket to buy that item, now I got to pay for shipping too? Make it free, please?”

Free shipping encourages them to spend more without having to worry about shipping costs and makes them return back to the same store. Give your customers free shipping coupons that they can use when purchasing products on your store.

2.    Discount Coupons

10% off Your Entire Order + Free Shipping on Rs.1500 and above

It’s festive season and there’s lot to shop for! Jump the seasonal discount bandwagon with a variety of discount coupons. It may be a flat discount on the complete order or on certain products or discount over and above a specific value of order; whatever math works for you! Whatever the discount, it sure will be a great crowd puller this Diwali.

3.    Free Items

Buy a large pizza and get a coke free!

Surely you have heard this! Why not try the same on your store? Give away free items on high value orders.

Another novel way to use this is to test the likeability of new products you plan to introduce on your store. Give it to them free, initially, and ask for feedback in return. If it is a hit, put it up for sale.

4.    Buy One Get One Free

Two is better than one. Everybody’s favorite coupon- the buy one get one free, is guaranteed to strike a chord in your customer’s heart. You can also try buy 2 get one free, buy 3 get 2 free, etc.

5.    Loyalty Coupons

Loyalty should be rewarded with royalty. Give your loyal customers exclusive offers to show them that you care.

Creating these discount and promotional coupons on your Zepo powered online store is an ultra-easy task too.

Create: Discount coupons for your Zepo powered online store!

Now let’s make some coupons shall we?

You can create coupons from your Zepo dashboard in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Login to your Zepo dashboard.

Step 2: Go to ‘Marketing’, select Discount Coupon.

Step 3: Click on the create coupon button.

Step 4: Enter the details.

  • Select a specific date when the coupon expires and/or how many times the coupon can be used.
  • Select the type of offer the coupon provides such as % discount, fixed amount off or free shipping.
  • Put conditions such as minimum purchase amount and apply on existing offers, if any.
  • You also get the option to disable coupons for individual products.

Step 5: Click on ‘Create this coupon’ and you are done!

Distribute: Spread the word for your customers to find ‘em!

So you decided on what type of coupons to go for, you went ahead and made them on the Zepo platform, what’s left? You have got to distribute the! Else, how will your beloved customers ever know?

1. Let’s Facebook and Twitter them!

Who’s NOT on Facebook?

Create a Facebook event and distribute coupons to members as prizes or free giveaways. You can use Twitter to further promote an event.

2. Coupon Sites are always handy

You’re not alone. There are plenty of coupon sites where you can place your coupons and your customers can avail them on your site.

There are a lot of ways to help you spread the word about the discount you are running for your brand. Some tools are available right on your store and then there are coupon and deal sites.

3. Put them up on Banners 

What’s the first thing you see on an online store? Banner! Go Hulk on your coupon promotion. Put up banner images clearly mentioning the details so that your customers can’t miss it.

4. Promo Images in Layout 3

If you are on Layout 3, you can use the dedicated promo images section to show case the coupon code you are willing to give away.

5. Utilize the Hello Bar !

Like the name suggests, a Hello Bar helps welcome your customers! Got a coupon code to share or your best selling product? Highlight it using the hello bar feature.

6. Engage the Customer with Web Engage

Not only can you create forms to get customer details, you can use WebEngage to display a message. Use it to display the details of the coupons you are offering.

7. Send to many using ManyContacts

Go traditional with a hint of new. Use ManyContacts to display an offer message and get the customer’s email address. Then, send him the offer details via Email.


We hope that with this information you can go ahead and start making coupons on your site to improve your sales. 


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