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Looking to Sell Kids Toys Online? Start your Own Online Store instead of Selling at Marketplaces!

In today’s world, young parents with a busy schedule have moved to shopping online for their kids. If you’re looking to sell kids’ products online be it toys, barbies, educational games, etc., why stop at just selling at marketplaces? Why not start an exclusive online store for your own childrens’ toy business and reap the benefits of having an extensive web presence!

Deliver your amazing toys to kids around the world! Zepo has everything you need to build a gorgeous store to sell baby toys and children’s games online. With Zepo, it’s easy to create something that the entire family will love at first sight! Here is how Zepo can help you to sell toys online.

Start a 14- Day Free Trial Toy Online Store Today

A Toy Selling Website that is as Beautiful as the Kids!

1) Design a Store the Entire Family will Love!

Create a storefront that reflects your brand’s joyful image. Make a connect with parents across the globe by choosing from over 100 different customizable themes to design your store.

2) Don’t let Payment Gateways eat up your Margins

Make it easier for your customers to buy your products online. Accept online payments with a FREE PayU Payment Gateway from Zepo. Zero set up fees, zero AMCs and just 3% TDRs. Save up on your margins and accept payments from anywhere in the country with ease!

3) Save Upto 60% on your Logistics Costs

The days of spending high courier charges for shipping your products are long behind you. With ZePOST, enjoy automated shipping and deliver your products across 8000 pin codes in the country. All this, at the most discounted logistics prices.

4) Sell your Toys on your own Custom Domain

Why sell on someone else’s domain, when you can have your online store on your own? Setup your online store on your brand’s domain.

Great Features to Make Selling Toys Online Easy

1) Advanced Sorting Options for Customers

Say goodbye to the headaches of going through a list of hundreds of toys just to choose one. With alternate sorting, your customers can now sort through your entire range of kids’ products with ease. List your toys based on age group, type, brand, price etc.

2) Woo your Customers with Attractive Discount Coupons

Who doesn’t love discounts? Set up a sale or give discounts on your range of toys, right from your Zepo dashboard! Because a remote controlled car at half the price is just too much to resist, right!

3) Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Display toys similar to the ones being viewed by the customers. With the “You May Also Like” feature, showcases toys that the customer might like based on his interests and encourages more buying!

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Start a 14- Day Free Trial Toy Online Store Today

Wanting to start a Kids’ Toy Store today? Don’t wait any longer. Just give us a call at +91 922 358 3358 and have your store running in less than 5 minutes.

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Varun K R

Varun K R

Arsenal fan with a keen liking for barley & hops. Realized a little late that engineering was not God's purpose for him in life. Bitten by the startup bug, Varun is now trying to contribute to one of the most happening startups in the country - Zepo!