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Level Up to New Features! Introducing AVN Logistics Tie-Up, Mobile Responsive Themes & Much More!

It’s been a while since we got in touch. How have you been doing?

The festive season is here and Santa’s packed loads of gifts for your brand, [brand_name]’s online store this Christmas! Introducing a whole new set of awesome features that will get your fans to talk and share more about what they do on your website. You can kiss your worries about low fan engagement goodbye.

Psst! A major logistics upgrade is also right in sight! Selling online was never easier.

Lowest Courier Rates & Multiple Courier Partners

We’re super glad to announce our tie up with AVN for extended logistics support! This will revolutionize how you ship products for your online store and will save you truckloads of time, effort & money!

Here’s what the tie up with AVN means to you:

1. Tie-up with 3 Major Courier Service providers: FCouriers + Blue Dart + First Flight!

2. Even lesser rates with no minimum commitments!

3. Lowest logistic rates than any other competitor!

You can start by creating your AVN accounts right away to avail the benefits mentioned above! Your account creation will be created within 7 days from the day you send us back the agreement.

Gorgeous Features for your Storefront

1. Go Mobile with the All New Layout 5

Now your store looks equally awesome on mobile devices as well! With the Layout 5, you get a great set of gorgeous themes for your store, which are supported by mobile devices as well!

Where Can You Find It: On your Zepo dashboard >> Design My Store >> Select Layout/Theme >> Layout 5

2. Get Fans to Share Instinctively

Now get your fans to share things more easily with the micro sharing tool Markerly. Display social sharing icons for Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest on all product images on home and catalogue pages.

Find out more about Markerly here.

Where Can You Find It: On your Zepo dashboard >> Advanced Features >> Markerly

3. Display Positive Reviews on Your Store

You have fans raining praises on your store all across Facebook and Twitter. But how do visitors to your store know how popular you are? The GetKudos widget searches for and displays all good reviews about you on your website! How cool is that??
Find out more about GetKudos here.
Where Can You Find It: On your Zepo dashboard >> Advanced Features >> GetKudos

4. Use Social Incentives to Woo Customers

Use JustUno and offer customers instant coupons in return for Facebook likes or Twitter retweets! Use your customers to spread word about you while rewarding them for it!
Find out more about JustUno here.

Where Can You Find It: On your Zepo dashboard >> Advanced Features >> JustUno

5. Get Customers to Flaunt Their Purchases

AddShoppers Purchase Sharing makes it easy for your customers to share their purchase with their friends and get them social rewards. This will appear on the thank you page.
Find out more about AddShoppers here.

Where Can You Find It: On your Zepo dashboard >> Advanced Features >> AddShoppers

6. Present a Human Face to Your User

Amplify Connect is a simple user engagement tool to start powerful conversations with your users. It gives you Bi-directional user feedback, powerful customer relationship management and an additional marketing channel. Find out more about AmplifyConnect here.

Where Can You Find It: On your Zepo dashboard >> Advanced Features >> Amplify Connect

7. Get Customers to Refer Your Website

Invite Referrals is a powerful tool that helps your customers win rewards like discount coupons in return for referring your website to people.
Find out more about InviteReferrals here.

Where Can You Find It: On your Zepo dashboard >> Advanced Features >> Invite Referrals

Practical Features on the Dashboard: Shiny New Order Module

With the new order module, managing your orders became a lot easier! A whole bunch of new features have been added, just for you! You can now sort orders by date, filter your orders using parameters, download order data across stage and generate custom invoice number & what not!

Are you excited after reading all the awesome features you can integrate to an online store? Well, give Zepo a try and start your online store in the next 5 mins.

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