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Realize the Power of ‘Personalize’: Make it Personal, Silly!

Remember your birthday when you went out for lunch with your friends and the waiters gave you a complimentary cake and sang happy birthday for you? Sweet gesture, wasn’t it? Hell yeah, it was!!

Now, why shouldn’t your customers deserve the same treatment from you?

Welcome to ‘Make it Personal’ where we show you how to connect with your customers on a personal level. And worry not! It isn’t as difficult as you might be thinking it is! Just a little bit extra as a kind gesture, to leave a mark on the heart.

Let’ go about it already, shall we?

1. Social Media and Email

That awkward feeling when you put up a nice status and nobody replies…

As an entrepreneur, you should consider that as a loss of business. Make sure you reply immediately whenever anybody puts up anything on any of the social media sites or sends you an email, preferably within 24 hours. If you are unable to answer to a query immediately, let the customer know that his worries are being addressed and give him a time frame within which to expect the reply.

2. Live Store Service

What’s the first thing that happens when you walk in to a physical store? The salesman asks you if you need any assistance. He/she helps you go through the wide range of products so that your shopping experience gets better.

Use the Zopim feature under Advanced Features on your Zepo dashboard to interact with your customers when they visit your store. Use the WebEngage feature to set up a simple feedback form for customers to fill. Don’t pester them, don’t try to over sell. Give them their space and reply to their queries while dropping in some suggestions time to time. Try not to repeat the same suggestion.

3. Other Advanced Features

Festivals are meant to be celebrated, by everybody! Throw in messages wishing everybody during festivals and other events. Use the Advanced Features at your disposal to achieve this.

HelloBar lets you display a message and direct your customer to a particular page. Use it to direct your customer to the products you want to have attention. For example, for Diwali, you can wish them Happy Diwali and direct them to the items you have got for Diwali.

Background Music: Music sets the mood groovy. You can set background music for your customers when they visit your store. Try different music for different occasions. One downside of background music, though, is that it slows the website down by increasing the site load time.

4. Offline – Thank You Notes

“Thank you, Priya for picking out shoes from! Look forward to seeing you around!”

There, was that so hard?

Nothing says you love your customers better than a thank you note. Someone orders a package from your store and waits eagerly for it to be delivered. And as soon as they open the contents, they find a beautiful handwritten note thanking them for shopping with you.

A small gesture like this can go a long way in building an amazing customer – brand relationship.

5. Birthday Discount

Well we did give you the birthday example already didn’t we?

How about a special discount for the birthday boys and birthday girls? Like a one or two day offer that’s exclusive only for them to avail!

6. Happy Anniversary offer

People can forget their anniversary but a Happy Anniversary Offer won’t be forgotten.

Wish your customers on their anniversary. Send in a lovely card and some flowers, if possible. How about a coupon giving them a sweet deal to buy something for their better half?

These are some of the few ways you can reach your customer to make a personal connection. We’ll keep you updated on more ways to go about it!

So, how do you plan to connect with the customer?

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