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Re-Marketing ka Funda: Learn all About Re-Marketing to Keep Yourself Visible!

“May I have your attention please? Will the real brand loyalist please stand up!”

You don’t make brand loyalists in one day. You gain them by wooing them over a period of time and making sure you are always there for them! Welcome to re-marketing, the age old funda of keeping yourself visible.

As markets expand, more and more sellers keep pouring in and it becomes essential that your brand maintains its visibility among its customers and potential customers to stay in the game.

Take Coca-Cola for example. A century old company covering almost all countries, reaching a wide customer base varying from supermarkets in big cities to chai- stalls in villages. But they still keep coming up with new brilliant new campaigns like the recent initiative “Small World Machines”. Why do you think so?

Because re-marketing works!

If they don’t work hard on retaining their existing customers, they’re bound to lose them to some other brand!

You must surely be aware of Coke Studio. Wonderful show, isn’t it? But, what has Coke got to do with collaboration of musicians? It neither sells musical equipment nor does it make you sing better. Then why create a music show? Because no matter what your brand deals in, a music show is a great initiative to bring people together and push forward an aware brand image! 

Retaining existing customers and reaching out to those new customers is one of the key points to keep in mind when thinking of trying to increase online sales.

So how do you remarket your brand?

1. Search Engine Remarketing: Be where everyone’s looking for you!  

Use keywords relevant to your store to make sure Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. get your store early in their search indexes.

If you are selling, say, gifts on your store, try using unique names for your products that will make sure you appear on the first page of search engine searches. Example: Just before a major festival, choose the festival name as your keyword to get high traffic to your store!

2. Social Media: Because that’s where everyone is!  

Everybody’s on social media these days! Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, etc.

A good chunk of your customers are already there and they are constantly observing what you are up to as a brand.

Make sure you interact with them, give them irresistible offers. Play with them, engage with them.

3. Email Remarketing: The good old way to reach out to people!

You are in your office Monday morning, you open your mail and you see an awesome offer giving you a discount on a certain product from your favourite online store?

Email isn’t dead, yet. Use E mail marketing ads to woo the deep pocketed, tech savvy, office going professionals to your store and get them to buy stuff online.

4. Offline Remarketing: ‘Cos sometimes the virtual world isn’t enough!

Why should only those online have all the fun? The offline people too want to grab your products!

When you have awesome products to sell, it is imperative that you showcase your products offline as well to reach a wider range of customers. There are flea markets, exhibitions, school/college fests happening at every nook and corner of every city. You should grab the opportunity and be there with your products to mark your presence in people’s mind.

Remember, to see the best effects of remarketing, choose your channel by keeping your audience in mind! Are they more likely to be looking for you on search engines, or do you think you can reach them better through E-mail? Plan well and reap the benefits!

So, how you going to re-market yourself?

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