Help hundreds of small-businesses succeed online – Be an Operations Officer @ Zepo

 We are looking for people who enjoy multi-tasking & are passionate about helping small businesses.
If you’re the type of person who thrives on wearing multiple hats,
If you roll with the punches, this could be the most rewarding job ever
We are looking for Operations Officers @ Zepo
The role gives you a lot of flexibility along with some imp responsibilities
At Zepo, we help small businesses get online. There are 8 million small business in India, and that’s a big task in front of us. We need your help in ensuring that the success of people who join Zepo. Currently, there are around 500+ paying users @ Zepo, and to help them open & run their online business – we have strategic alliances with payment gateways, logistics companies & marketing agencies.
Your responsibility is primarily divided into two parts
1. Working with clients & ensuring their success
2. Working with strategic partners of Zepo & getting work done
Client servicing responsibility includes: 
  • Helping customers set-up their Zepo accounts & online stores
  • Providing clients with expert advice with regards to e-commerce
  • Provide ongoing support to users, via phone, e-mail & chat, to ensure their success with Zepo
  • Retaining clients with extremely butterful relationship management
  • Set processes, automate, simplify and reduce administrative tasks in order to scale the team
  • Conduct on-going online meetings with users to communicate best practices
  • Proactively monitor and report on customer communications, usage and success to internal teams
  • Act as a trusted advisor and escalation point for a select set of customers
  • Identify at-risk renewals and work with engineering and product teams to devise methods to retain such accounts
  • Provide timely recommendations to clients on how to obtain the maximum results from Zepo
Operational management responsibility includes: 
  • Co-ordinating on regular basis with strategic partners ensuring operational efficiency
  • Automating process & improving them relentlessly
  • Cracking new deals with different partners
All our customers are small time entrepreneurs – some really creative artists, designers, fresh grads out of NIFT / NID, brand-new startups, SMBs, etc. The best part of this job is that you would always be communicating with some super-cool & super-smart entrepreneurs.
  • No experience required, whatsoever.
  • Some prior exposure or sound understanding of e-commerce
  • Working knowledge in HTML/CSS is desirable.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills is a MUST
  • You derive a lot of satisfaction from helping other people.
  • You need to be someone who loves keeping all things organized
  • You need to be a problem solver who is fanatical about customers
  • You believe in the power of e-commerce, and how it can be helpful for small businesses
  • Successful track record in a client-facing role with demonstrable success in driving one or more of : customer satisfaction, customer retention, add on sales.
  • Customer experience is on the top of your mind, and you keep thinking how other business could have served their customers better
  • You are confident that you can manage strategic partners & GET THE WORK DONE from them
if you think you have that “whatever it takes” attitude for such a role, write us on for an exciting career!



  • Location is Mumbai (relocation assistance is provided)
  • To know more about our story, check this out
  • And read this to know more on what it is like working at Zepo

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Nitin Purswani

Nitin Purswani

Founder @, "FOCUS" is my buzz word. I usually write late into the night, when the noise and chaos of the day dissipates. Constantly brimming with things to write about, I don't get enough time to pen it all down. An entrepreneur to the core, the dream is to make Zepo "THE" tech solution for SMBs in India.

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    We are inundated with applications. Please bear with us a little longer as we sort through the best applicants and reach out to them. We’ve bumped up your request again with our HR manager, just in case.

    Thanks for writing in.

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    Please write in to us at, telling us a bit about yourself. That mail will directly go to our HR Manager who is in the best capacity to take it forward from there.

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    This profile is available in the Mumbai office at present. For the Bangalore office, our Business Development position is open. However, for the initial training, every one is expected to be in the Mumbai office for 4-6 months.

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    I have applied for the profile a couple of days ago. Really looking forward to hearing back from you guys. Fingers crossed !!

  • Swamini


    I am currently working with Star India Pvt Ltd. Having over 2 years of experience in Strategy Management.

    I am looking for working with start ups, which would provide me with challenging role.

    I have uploaded my CV through the Dreamstarts portal where I came to know about this Job opening .

    I would like to get in touch with you. Looking forward to hear from you


    • Hi Swamini,

      You should hear back from us soon enough. We usually respond to short-listed candidates in a max of 2 weeks.

      • Swamini

        ok thank you for the update
        Looking forward for your response

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    HI, This is Chirag. I am willing to join Zepo on the above mentioned profile. Are u still accepting applications?

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      Please write in to, telling us a bit about yourself. And we’ll get back to you.

  • amrin shaikh

    HI i wana apply to this position.. is it still available

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      Yes, the position is still open. Please write in to us at, telling us a bit about yourself and what you do. And we’ll get back to you shortly.

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    Yes, the position is still open. Thanks for writing in. We get back to shortlisted candidates in a a week or two.

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    hi, is the position still available? I have just applied for it.

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    I have applied for Operations Executive profile.

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    Is this position still available, or filled in?

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        Hi Priya,
        Have mailed in – waiting for the response!

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    I’m done with the first round of interview. When can I expect a response?


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    did not got any feedback

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    Have applied recently, haven’t heard from your side though. Awaiting your valued response.

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    I have just send my resume to hello@zepo:disqus .in
    But just want to check if the position is still open or not?



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      The position is still open. Please allow us time to get back to you.

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    Hi zepo,
    I had recently emailed at Hello@zepo:disqus .in. Haven’t received a reply back. Kindly reply back at your earliest.

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  • Tarun Tyagi

    Hi Team

    I have 3 years experience in Retails, Including ecommerce experience with leading player like, & in operation. Please let me know if you have any suitable vacancy lying in Noida Office.

  • Hi Sayantan,

    Yes, the position is open as of now. Please write in to us at, telling us a bit about yourself.

    Also, mention the questions that you have for us, in the same mail. And we’ll write back to you shortly.

    • Sayantan Ganguly

      Hi Team,
      Thanks for your reply. I regret my delay in relying (I was not able to check yesterday).
      In the meantime I’m keeping my fingers crossed to work for an energetic team in one of the fastest growing sector of the globe!!!

      Sayantan Ganguly

    • Sayantan Ganguly

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      I had mailed to the aforementioned email-id, however I’m yet to get an acknowledgement. Please do check the same (don’t know how the team will check scanning so many resumes, however my name & college will remain the same :P).
      Also I had asked a few queries regarding the job. Please do reply to my queries if possible.

      Sayantan Ganguly

      • Hi Sayantan,

        Thanks for writing in. We get a lot of applications through the day and it becomes a little difficult to respond to each and every one of them.

        We usually reply back within a week or two, to short-listed candidates. Please bear with us. If we do short-list your application, we shall respond soon.

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          Hi Team,

          Thanks for your reply.
          Hope to hear back from you soon.
          Actually, I was thinking whether you got my mail. Keeping my fingers crossed for the mail from your end!!

          Sayantan Ganguly

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    Hi Team Zepo,

    I am a 2013 NIT Durgapur pass-out and I’m eager to join the firm. Is the position open as of now. Moreover, I’ve got some queries about the role that an operations executive will play.

    I’m looking for some roles with data crunching, excel sheets, leading teams and consulting with clients.
    Now, I wish to know how much will I have the opportunity to implement the same in the subject position.

    Hoping to listen from you at the earliest

    Sayantan Ganguly

  • Hi Vishnu,

    Thanks for writing in to us. If we do short-list your application, you should hear back from us within 2 weeks at the most. However, given the large number of applications it’s nearly impossible for us to shoot mails to each and everyone, if not short-listed. Do bear with us.

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    Hi Team Zepo,

    I have sent my Resume on 12-Jun-2014 and still waiting for a Postive Reply from you.


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  • ajeet

    Hi,This is Ajeet ,yes , i am interested in this position . i had run A.R.Gas Company for 6 months .Ground level experienced person .Quiet swiftly create new client ,retaining and explore all possible opportunity.Before it i was running gostech ecommerce company which was close down.
    My number is 9807124971

  • priya

    I am Priyadarshi, had a ecommerce start up which was closed down.
    Interested for this profile.
    Please inform me regarding the process of applying.
    with regards


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  • Prosenjit Mukhopadhyay

    Hi, I am Prosenjit Mukhopadhyay from kolkata, willing to work for you.
    As a professional I have total 9 years of experience of Client-coordination, Recruitment, Training & related administration with a consultant based at kolkata and started my career with cipla in sales & Marketing. Now want to get better association with a more structured organisation either into operation or Business Development.
    I am absolutely ready to relocate immediately to any place as per your vacancy.
    Please inform me the process of applying.
    My contact number is -09836860888, 07278787787
    My email id –
    Prosenjit Mukhopadhyay

    • Hi Prosenjit,

      Please write in to us at, telling us a bit about yourself. Thanks.

      • prosenjit Mukhopadhyay

        Dear Mr. Vikash,
        As per telecon i have sent my cv at please look into it.
        Prosenjit Mukhopadhyay

        • Thanks Prosenjit for writing in. We’ll get back to you shortly.

  • Kumar Gaurav

    Hi,I Would like work for you.

    • Hi Kumar,

      Great to hear that. Please write in to us at telling us a bit about yourself. And we’ll get back to you.