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Fast Track Your Online Store! Introducing the All New Stock Module 2.0!

Howdy people! How has the first month of the New Year been for you? Its been quite eventful for us, especially the last week! A lot has been changed and upgraded about Zepo for you. Presenting to you the Zepo Weekly Update, where we inform you of all that’s new every week! So watch this space to know what new is happening at Zepo and how you can make the most of it!

Did you notice how Zepo has been in the makeover mode for the past month? Everything from your dashboard to the homepage is getting serviced to come out better and more feature-loaded than before!

Talking about makeovers, your stock module has gotten quite the facelift itself. Doesn’t it look so much more organized now? Here’s a look at what’s changed.

Stock Module 2.0 Unveiled

1. Change Display Order of Products

Zepo Stock Module

Easily re-order to display your best selling products at the top on your product category pages. All you need to do is drag and move the product to the desired position and click Save.

2. Download Stock Data Category-wise

Stock Module Zepo

You can now download your entire stock data under a particular product category or categories, with just one-click.

3. Sort your Stock

Stock Module Zepo

Quick sort your products by quantity in stock or quantity sold. Or sort them by the price of your products – highest priced first or vice-versa.

4. Filter your Stock

Stock Module Zepo

You can filter your stock by the Featured status of your products, by product sub-category and by the status of your product i.e enabled, disabled or enquiry only.

5. Quick Add a Product

Stock Module Zepo

Quickly add any product right from the stock page by clicking on Quick Add Product. You can add details like Product name, Category, Sub-Category, Price, Status and Quantity as well as upload a product image.

6. Bulk Edit Actions

Stock Module Zepo

Quickly edit a whole bunch of your products without having to do it individually for every product.

  1. Change Product Category
  2. Delete Multiple Products
  3. Restrict COD Option on Products
  4. Restrict Discount Coupons on Products
  5. Duplicate Multiple Products
  6. Change Product Status

So, how do you like the new Stock Module? Do you think it helps you keep track of your stock better than before? Try it out and leave us your feedback and suggestions below!

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Varun K R

Varun K R

Arsenal fan with a keen liking for barley & hops. Realized a little late that engineering was not God's purpose for him in life. Bitten by the startup bug, Varun is now trying to contribute to one of the most happening startups in the country - Zepo!