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Exploring Socratees and the People Behind It!

Fashion is forever. With styles changing every season, Socratees, an online premium T shirt store joins the list of incredible places to shop online and it is here to stay. Mixing bohemian style with contemporary entertainment shows, Socratees creates unique designs that are a must have for fashion lovers.

We introduce you to Abhimanyu, the man whose dream for doing something of his own formulated into the creation of Socratees. Below we share a serious conversation on his journey through E commerce. Read on and be inspired!
Let’s start with a few questions about Socratees.

1.    Before we begin, tell us about your brand, Socratees? What products do you sell?

Socratees is an indie clothing brand that sells bohemian design T-shirts. We like to mix it up with TV series, anime, superheroes, word-play and art on Tees. We create and consult for merchandise for colleges, universities, bands, etc. We currently make T-shirts, Baseball Tees and Hoodies.

2.    What’s the story behind you taking the plunge into e-commerce and starting your own online store?

The lust of doing something on my own was getting unbearable. I had two ideas to getting something out of my life. One of them was later christened ‘SOCRATEES’ and the other ‘HELIUS PROJECTS’. Whilst ‘Helius Projects’ which is into Real Estate Development and Investments is technical and all serious kind of stuff, ‘SOCRATEES’ is creative and helps escape from the otherwise lullaby of routine.

Plus T-shirts are fun! And, I wanted to prepare for the shirt-less apocalypse :D.

3.     What all online marketing channels have you dabbled into since you started, say blog or social media, etc. that have helped increase your sales?   Which  ones have shown you maximum returns?

Since we are young into the business we are befriending people through Facebook, Twitter and Email marketing. Blog is on the platter but yet to be served. People find Facebook and Twitter as the best medium to reach out to us.

4.      Apart from your online store, what are some of your other point of sales? Say, exhibitions, retail outlets, etc. Which ones have worked best for you?

We’ve received appreciation from a number of physical store owner’s and other E-commerce brands to put up our T-shirts. Participating by putting up stalls are definitely on our list next.  Since we haven’t tried all the means it’s difficult to conclude what works best for us yet.

5.      How has the whole experience of setting up your own online store with Zepo been?

The whole experience of setting up a store with Zepo has been very smooth. Getting used to the platform and the growing changes it is incorporating is wonderful. It feels like being a part of the same bandwagon. Calls at anytime and everytime are addressed.

6.      Can you tell us about 2 features on the Zepo platform that you absolutely love and can’t do without?

          Two Features on Zepo platform that I love:

1)    The SMS feature that’s sent informing that you’ve got a new order

2)    Recent Orders module changes

         And 2 features that you think can do with some improvement?

Two features that can do with some improvement :

1)    Urgent Inventory management apps/tools required

2)    Printing Multiple Invoices at once 

Now some questions for you, as an entrepreneur!

1.    What were you doing before you started with Socratees?

Graduating as an Electronics and Communications engineer, I joined Tata Consultancy Services and worked for them for almost 2 years in Mumbai.
Being an Electronics engineer and a robotics lover I joined an IT company and was raking up finance jargons and surprisingly doing just well.

2.      Keeping the same levels of enthusiasm every day is not easy. What keeps you inspired and motivated every day?

There are good days and the rest are very bad days. I had worked really hard in my first job, so what I do today is not even 70% of
what I did back when I was employed in the company, so the basic ‘doing what you love’ motivation is always there 😀

But sure, there are those happy customer calls/mails telling you that the T-shirt is great and that can SOCRATEES please start making this/that design is amazing and makes our day.

2.    What are some of the decisions that have worked best for you in your business?

The decision to provide the best possible quality, and not go ahead with the trend of providing cheaper T-shirts with a lower quality.

3.    If you could give one piece of advice to other Internet entrepreneurs who are trying to make money with their online store, what would it be?

I would ask them “Are you really sure?” 😀

No, but on a serious note… Every beautiful online store out there and their story look super cool, but everyone goes through that lonely period where no one really knows them. Go ahead and plunge only if you believe if it’ll work from your gut, sure.. ask your close and truthful friends too! 😀


You can check out their wonderful services on and connect with them on

Thank you Abhimanyu for your wonderful time and motivating answers. We wish you all the very best!



Don’t you think that there is a lot of scope in online selling? There can never be enough variety for shoppers. So, if you have awesome product(s), what are you waiting for? Give Zepo a try and start your online store in the next 5 mins.

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