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What’s Up With Indian eCommerce: Latest News & Tips (14th Apr)

The Indian eCommerce industry is booming and there is a lot happening every week. The papers have been filled with talks of possible mergers and international giants entering the Indian market.

Here’s a compilation of the biggest news headlines from the last week. Which of them do you think will impact the Indian market the most?

1) Flipkart and Myntra very close to finalizing merger deal

After weeks of negotiations between the two eCommerce giants, Flipkart and Myntra are entering the final round of talks before finalizing a merger plan. It is understood that Flipkart CEO Sachin Bansal will be given the responsibility of handling the fashion retail at the combined business.

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2) 8 trends that will define eCommerce in India this year

The first quarter of the year has been a huge one for eCommerce in India, with major takeovers and funding news hogging the headlines. But what are the trends that will define how the industry takes shape over the course of the next 9 month? Take a look for yourself!

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3) E-tailing gains pace against physical retail stores in India

A study by the Economic Times in India among people who shop online as well as offline reveals that the brand value of online stores is much bigger than that of offline ones. This is worrying news for brick and mortar stones, as Internet penetration grows in India and retail business is facing losses to online sellers.

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4) What is Gross Merchandise Value and other stats eCommerce businesses keep a track of

When you run an eCommerce business, there are tons of statistics you need to maintain a record of to understand how well your business is doing. Here is a detailed explanation of a few of the most important ones.

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5) 3 effective ways to increase your eCommerce website’s organic reach

Looking to promote your online store and drive more traffic to it? While paid ads can be termed a short term solution, here are 3 great ways you can boost your site’s organic traffic. Have you implemented any of these methods yet?

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6) Online retail sales grew by 33% in 2013, touch Rs 62,967 in sales

With the eCommerce industry in India booming, online retail sales have touched a new high. With a growth of 33% in the sales as compared to the last year, it is safe to say that the online shopping industry has a long way to go in India.

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7) Interview with Amazon India’s Country Manager Amit Agarwal, on Amazon’s plans for India

A conversation Amit Agarwal of Amazon India, as he talks about how the world’s biggest online retailers plan to expand in the Indian market. After a brilliant first 10 months in India, Amazon hopes to leave the heavyweights like Flipkart and Myntra behind. But how do they plan to achieve their targets?

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8) Walmart to invest upwards of Rs 1300 crore in its India unit

The world’s largest offline retailer aims to invest Rs 1300 crore in building its India unit, which includes multiple outlets across the country and an online marketplace as well. Walmart India has already issued and allotted more than 81 crore shares at Rs 16.35 each.

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9) DubLi Inc launches its own online cashback portal for the Indian audience

DubLi Inc has tied up with hundreds of merchants across India and launched its own online cashback portal. Customers can find interesting deals for big online stores like Flipkart, Cbazaar and BOOKadda. Also featured will be travel related merchants like and

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10) Flipkart’s IPO likely to be announced next year

With news of a merger with rivals Myntra making headlines, it is understood that the eCommerce biggies Flipkart will announce their IPO next year. Flipkart was valued at a whopping $1.6 billion in July last year.

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So, which news are you most excited about? Did we miss out any major headline? Do let us know in the comments below and we’ll surely take note of it!

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