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Zepo & MartMobi Partner to Bring Your Online Store Into Your Customers’ Pockets

Zepo and MartMobi have forged a partnership to help Zepo merchants go mobile across platforms in less than a day.

“We wanted to be as close to our customers as possible and we wanted to be right where they were. Going Mobile is the next logical step for us to have a direct channel to engage with our customers who now shop on the move through their smartphones and tablets.” – Amit Saigal, Aidalane store owner.

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Zepo and MartMobi have partnered to bring to you the best of both worlds: Web and Mobile. Through this pre-built integration, all Zepo merchants would have an opportunity to create a great mobile and tablet experience which includes a dedicated mobile, tablet website as well as native apps on Android, iOS etc.

While the regular development of a mobile site or app would take anywhere from weeks to months, merchants can have their mobile stores up and running in less than a day. With zero development or configuration efforts from the merchant’s end, this offering is rightly priced to ensure that merchants can leverage this opportunity without huge overheads.

Going forward, both teams across engineering, marketing, sales and customer support will work very closely to provide a great mobile experience for Zepo’s current and future customers, says Nitin Purswani, CEO of Zepo.

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With mobile commerce hitting 800% growth in 2013 and 30% traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s time merchants go mobile, says Satya Ganni, CEO of MartMobi as a closing note.

To get your mobile website or app online, just give us a buzz at +91-7208148869 and we’ll get you started right away. It’s time to cash in on the mobile shopping phenomenon sweeping the nation!

Do you also wish to have your a mobile app for your customers to shop from? Give Zepo a try and start your mobile customized online store.

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Varun K R

Varun K R

Arsenal fan with a keen liking for barley & hops. Realized a little late that engineering was not God's purpose for him in life. Bitten by the startup bug, Varun is now trying to contribute to one of the most happening startups in the country - Zepo!

  • Hi Sagar,

    Yes, it would turn your store into an Android and iOS app. Please contact the support team at They will be able to get you started and would be the right people to discuss the same with.

  • Hi Aniket,

    We do provide a mobile site as well as a native android and/or iOS app powered by MartMobi. You can read about it here:

    Yes, we you will need an IE code to ship internationally. That is a mandatory requirement.

    • Aniket

      Thank you so much

  • Sagar Doshi

    Would it turn your store into ios & android app ? if so, what are the charges

  • Aniket

    Hi Zepo.. We are planning to upgrade our store to online from June.. I checked ur pricing .. sounds reasonable but does it also include mobile integration? i.e. do you also provide mobile site to me? also do we need to have IE code to ship internationally ?