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Anything can be Sold Online. Ranu and Yugansh Broke all Conventions with

eCommerce in India has seen every type of product being sold online. From fashion to home decor and gift items to food, everything is available for purchase online. But one store with a difference would be Drug Mega Mart, an online store that delivers medical and health care accessories across India at very affordable prices.

Let us introduce you to the entrepreneur couple of Ranu Soni and her husband Yugansh Soni, who manage Drug Mega Mart. We had a conversation with them find out a little more about their brand and also about them. Here’s what we came to know!

Let’s start with a few questions about Drug Mega Mart.

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1.      Before we begin, tell us about your brand, Drug Mega Mart? What products do you sell?

Drug Mega Mart is an online medical store which delivers medical and health care needs at most reasonable prices, all over India. For a good business idea should be good, but it fails if your team is not good. We have sincere gratitude for their hard work and outstanding contributions.

 2.      What’s the story behind you taking the plunge into e-commerce and starting your own online store?

We initially started to tap just the local market of Indore, but then we realized that working online is the need of time.

3.      What all online marketing channels have you dabbled into since you started, say blog or social media, etc that have helped increase your sales? Which ones have shown you maximum returns?

For marketing we have used Google ad words, Facebook marketing, mass mails and messages. Facebook Marketing has given us the maximum output.

4.      Apart from your online store, what are some of your other point of sales? Say, exhibitions, retail outlets, etc. Which ones have worked best for you?

We have experimented with pamphlet distribution, newspaper advertisements, Radio jingles, and we concluded that pamphlet distribution was the most fruitful for us.

5.      How has the whole experience of setting up your own online store with Zepo been?

Going online from a physical store was made damn easy by Zepo and their logistic support was a big help.

6.      Can you tell us about 2 features on the Zepo platform that you absolutely love and can’t do without?

In all we find Zepo platform to be very facile. Each and every feature is very much required for the smooth running of the e-store. We have listed two features which we absolutely love about ZEPO: Once the order is placed , its easy to track the status that whether the order is shipped, delivered, canceled for future reference. Second feature which is very useful is the automated sending of marketing newsletter to your registered customers. It increases the sales.

And 2 features that you think can do with some improvement?

1) We want that discounting feature needs to be improved. Its not feasible allow discount on particular category. (You can in current system but its very cumbersome as all the products need to edited for it.)

2) Features related with the Static pages are very few.

 Now some questions for you, as an entrepreneur!

1.      What were you doing before you started with Drug Mega Mart?

Before DrugMegaMart, we had an offline store named “FUNDA”. With the help of Zepo we have revamped it and brought it online and now we are working all over INDIA.

2.      Keeping the same levels of enthusiasm every day is not easy. What keeps you inspired and motivated every day?

Being a Start up, everyday is not the same. At times you have an ample number of orders and on other days they are scarce. So we are sometimes disheartened, and then we realize that the beginning is always small but once you master every trick and tactic of your business, you will definitely flourish.

3.      What are some of the decisions that have worked best for you in your business?

We think going for ZEPO was very good decision. The people here are very helpful. They are just a call away. Biggest headache of being online is the Logistics, and Zepo provides very good rates especially for Cash on delivery orders.

4.      If you could give one piece of advice to other Internet entrepreneurs who are trying to make money with their online store, what would it be?

Two things which are most important for an online store are the SEO of the Website and the content of your website. Both need regular updates.

You can check out their wonderful services on and connect with them on

Thank you Ranu and Yugansh for your wonderful time and motivating answers. We wish you all the very best!

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