Join the team powering India’s best Ecommerce platform : ZEPO is hiring its first HR Manager.

We are hiring our first HR manager @ Zepo. We believe this is one of the most important roles that we have ever hired for. Before you proceed with understanding the responsibilities &
requirements of this role, we recommend you to go through this article.

This article talks about how we arrived on the decision of needing someone like you. We, as the founder and early team members, brought in the first hires and set about creating what would become the warming culture at Zepo.

Now, as we begin to scale, we need a guardian to take care of the most important asset of Zepo – its people, the wealthy Human Resource.

What would be your responsibilities?

1. Retaining the ZEPO Culture

If you know start-ups, you know that each of them comes with its own quirks and eccentricities and that sets the founding culture for the team to grow on. The initial team members have built and retained a very nurturing work culture at Zepo. And it’s time we hand over the baton to you.
Are you up for the challenge of maintaining the same levels of harmony, motivation and passion across all our offices?

2. Keeping the People Happy

They are our biggest asset and your 2nd know about each other’s sad, ecstatic, low, happy and crazy days. We’d expect you to know about these now. Keep the team happy and motivated at all times. People are happy when we genuinely care about them. And we expect you to take care of them all.
(Psst: It may involve having an impromptu cupcake meet-up in the middle of the day! ;-))

3. Attracting the Best Talent

We need rockstars and you’re going to help us find them! As a competent HR, we expect you to be on look-out for the best talent out there. Grab onto them, woo them and get them onboard. We expect you to keep coming up with the most creative ways to attract the best of people to become part of Team Zepo. You’ll also be managing all our job-boards regularly.

4. Interacting with People

As a team we always we don’t do interviews, we do ‘Interactions’ at Zepo. We expect you to be the first person from the company to interact with all prospective team members. ‘Read’ people, understand them and then give them the right advice.

5. Regulatory Tasks (TDS, Pay slips, etc.)

You’ll be taking care of the regulatory compliance involved in the HR department. This would include taking care of using the right tools to maintain records of Pay slips, TDS, etc.

Desired Skills and Experience

What do we look for in you?

1. You Care 

You know the good from the bad. You genuinely care for each person in the company without any bias or prejudice. And ensure each one gets what they deserve. You have the ability to see the other person’s point of view, without being judgmental and provide for the same.

2. You are Great Listeners and are Very Attentive

You truly love people and that’s what makes you approachable. You are great listeners and can ‘read’ people. Of course, you are great in communication and people skills.

3. You are Good Counsellors (Problem Solvers)

You are always the ‘Agony Aunt’ in any group you belong to. Anyone has a problem, you are the person to go to. Be it a current team member or a prospective employee, you always help people in coming to the best decisions (even if that means, that a candidate doesn’t join your company). You believe in relationships and are a trusted advisor.

4. You Keep the People Connected

As an HR, you love to keep the team connected. You make every attempt to remove any grudges that may occur under work pressure. You make sure that the work environment is always in harmony.

5. You Nurture Talent

Every team member is different; they have different goals and needs. As an HR, you care about each one of them and their success and are interested in helping them achieve it. You put in all the efforts to nurture the talent and keep the people motivated.

How to apply for this position?

If you haven’t gone through the article mentioned above yet, go through it now. If you think you fit the bill & are excited about taking this responsibility, let’s connect :-).

Write to us on to be a part of one big happy family.

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