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ZePost- Now Revamped and integrated with New and Efficient Features

For starters, we’ve come up with loads of new features for ZePOST, our automated shipping tool. With the all new ZePOST, shipping your orders is going to be a whole lot easier and faster. Read on to know more about how the new ZePOST is here to help you manage your shipments better.

Check to see how the smartest shipping tool just got smarter.

1) Generate your Shipping Labels in a Second

Don’t like waiting for your shipping labels to get generated? Worry no more! Now, once a pickup is scheduled, labels will be available for download immediately.


2) Add & Manage Multiple Pick-Up Addresses

Now, you can schedule pickups from multiple locations with ease. Just add a new pickup address in your dashboard, and use that pickup point without having to inform AVN or Zepo about the change.

How: To add a new pickup address, simply navigate to ZePOST, under the Shipping & Delivery section. There, you can select the ‘Add New’ option under the default pickup address.

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3) Calculate Your Shipping Rates in Real Time

Looking to find out the exact shipping rate before scheduling a pickup? With the new ZePOST, you can check the shipping rate applicable on your shipment on a real time basis. The rates are calculated based on the shipment weight and shipping address. Also, shipping charge break is also displayed.

How: At the time of scheduling a pickup, enter the shipment details and click on ‘Calculate Rate’.


4) Know Expected Pick-Up Date Well in Advance

Now, while scheduling a pickup, you will be able to see the pickup date and courier company to which the consignment has been assigned. Better clarity and prior information makes for an easier shipping experience! This is shown in your dashboard under ‘Shipment Details’, while entering the courier details.


5) Get Dispatch Details Added Automatically

Tired of manually adding the tracking numbers to track your orders? Now, once you schedule a pickup using ZePOST and move it to the Dispatched section, the system will automatically fetch and add the tracking number to your order details from the shipping label. Tracking your orders became a whole lot easier!Tracking

6) Choose Either Air OR Surface  Delivery

Now you can choose the mode of shipping while scheduling a pickup. Choose Air Delivery for faster shipment. Opt for surface delivery when shipping heavy products and liquids.

How: Easily select one of the two options under ‘Choose Method’, at the time of scheduling a pickup.


7) Avail Product Insurance with One-Click   (Free for Products Worth Upto Rs 5,000)

Worried about damage-incurred losses when shipping your products? Good news! Now you can choose to take insurance cover from AVN for your consignment prior to shipping your product.

How: Simply check the ‘Apply for Insurance’ button while scheduling a pickup. Insurance is free if the product value is Rs 5000 or less. It is charged at 0.50% of the invoice value, if product value is between Rs 5001 and Rs 50,000.


Scheduling a pick-up has never been this easy and hassle free.  You can now spend more time in expanding an improving your business. So, go ahead and explore all the new Zepost features and put it to work, while you proceed on to bigger and better things!

Logistics is one of the major hassle an online seller has to face. But now you know that with Zepost it is not hard at all. Don’t you think its time to give Zepo a try? Start your online store in the next 5 mins.


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